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bstAIR 15-20

The new bstAIR boosters serie

PET blowing, laser cutting, pressure tests and abrasive cutting are among some of the widespread processes in which air or nitrogen boosters can be an integral part of the installation.

Evoluto 55 range variable speed drive compressors

Meet the new Evoluto 45-75

For this new Evoluto 45-75 iPM compressor range, we pushed energy efficiency to the next level. However, this is not the only thing that happened when a passion for technology fused with our industrial experience.

NEW Largo & Allegro 132-315

The new LARGO & ALLEGRO 132-315 product range has been developed for harsh conditions and ambient temperatures up to 46°C. This range is suitable for industrial applications such as General manufacturing; Metal; Cement; Mining, Power plant, Shipyard, Glass, Tyre and much more!

AIRnet Point of Use accessories

AIRnet provides a complete compressed air solution from start to finish. The Point Of Use accessories are specifically introduced to ensure the highest efficiency of your distribution network; to protect your downstream equipment; to complement the performance of your compressed air equipment.

Adsorption dryer AD

Adsorption dryers - new generation

The adsorption drying principle is based on the ability of the desiccant material to adsorb water vapor from the compressed air. Filters before the dryer protect it, while filters after the dryer eliminate desiccant dust.

Mangrove Zoo Holland

Oilfree compressed air in Burgers’Zoo

Since July 2017 the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands, has the largest indoor Mangrove in the world. In this Mangrove several animals live in and around the water. To keep the water in optimal quality, compressed air plays a key role. ALUP ensures that the 100% oil-free compressed air is always available. Not only did ALUP Kompressors deliver two oil-free compressors, but they will also carry out maintenance so that they are always in perfect condition.

ALUP Largo Allegro 11 22E group screwcompressor

The new screw compressors Largo & Allegro 11-22 E

The Largo–Allegro 11-22 E range provides high quality compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications. As a result of continuous investment in product development, the range ensures industry leading performances in air delivery and energy efficiency, guaranteeing our customers unrivalled energy savings for their operations.



Knowing the performance of your compressed air installation at each given moment allows you to make smart use of your resources and plan maintenance interventions proactively and at just the right time. All this is possible with ICONS – Intelligent Connectivity System. The introduction of the new ICONS 3G offers improved features and many advantages. You can learn all about it here.

What are signs of a compressed air leakage?

Poorly closing couplings, old hoses, or worn and leaking seals are all areas where compressed air can be escaping your compressed air systems. Even a minimal leakage however can be responsible for excessive costs. A leak of only 3mm at a pressure of 7 bar can cost you up to €1300 (£1150 / $1500) per year. And with higher pressure, the loss of compressed air is even higher.

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