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Almost all of us certainly have met the production of compressed air in some simple version. Whether it was inflating a balloon with your mouth, or inflating the tyre on a wheel or car with a hand pump. In the more demanding applications, different types of compressors are used to produce compressed air. Compressed air is characterised by three basic parameters: pressure, volume and air quality which is closely relates to the warm environment. These parameters are an important factor in choosing the right compressed air technology.

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What is the pressure of compressed air?

Pressure is generally defined as the force acting on a unit of area. If we convert this definition into atmospheric (ambient) air, its pressure will be the force acting on the unit of the Earth's surface. The magnitude of this pressure to 0m above sea level is 101.3 kPa. The atmospheric air is then compressed to the required pressure, the value of which is most often given in bars.

1 bar = 100 kPa = 0.1 MPa

How is the quantity of compressed air measured?

Based on the consumption of pneumatic equipment, the amount of compressed air required to ensure trouble-free operation of the entire system is determined. Most often the amount of compressed air is given in m³/h or l/s.

What is the quality of compressed air?

The term compressed air quality is an indicator of the amount of solids (dust), moisture and oil in the compressed air. The quality of compressed air significantly affects production processes. In recent years, when technologies that require high-quality compressed air free of any undesirable substances have developed rapidly, the focus has also been on compressed air treatment equipment. The main factors influencing the quality of compressed air is the ambient temperature and the environment in which the compressor station is located. 

Air quality is defined by the international standard ISO 8573-1, where the quality classes of compressed air are determined. According to these classes, it is necessary to choose the right set of compressed air treatment equipment to achieve the required quality. In our assortment you will find a complete offer for achieving the highest class of compressed air quality.

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