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June 9, 2023

Always feel like you’re short on time? Are the days rushing by before you have a chance to accomplish anything? Is your To Do list a never-ending nightmare? We understand. And we want to help you out.

With air compressors that keep your production going. Without unplanned interruptions. Without constant downtime. And without turning your energy bill into a separate nightmare. Which air compressors are these? The 111-160 kW industrial air compressors from ALUP.

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Freedom to Focus on Your Business


The flagship model of this range is called the Evoluto. It does exactly what an air compressor should do: it delivers a steady flow of compressed air. With less downtime. And with lower emissions. In fact, the Evoluto has a surprisingly low total cost of ownership. This means you transform those nightmares filled with To Do lists and energy bills into dreams filled with happiness and visits to the golf course.

Exactly how does it do this? The Evoluto has an IE4 iPM motor. This is designed to adjust its speed as your demand for compressed air fluctuates. Using less air? The motor doesn’t work as hard.

As well as this, ALUP designed a new screw element to further improve efficiency, and combined it with an integrated direct drive transmission. The end result? You’ll receive an energy bill that has shrunk by as much as 45%. 

Keep in mind that air compressors generally gobble up energy. In fact, energy costs generally make up about 70–80% of the total cost of ownership of a compressor. And by keeping these costs low, the Evoluto works wonders on your bottom line.

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A choice of models

What happens if you have a more stable, unfluctuating, constant demand for compressed air? There’s not much point in a motor that adjusts its speed. And that’s why the 111-160 kW series also includes:

We admit that they won’t offer you the same savings as the Evoluto achieves. But they’re in different product groups. And as it happens, the Largo and the Allegro are the most competitive air compressors in their respective product groups. 

Like the Evoluto, the Largo and the Allegro are brilliantly reliable, even in the most adverse and challenging conditions. When the ambient temperature hits 46°C, these air compressors will still deliver a steady supply of high-quality compressed air. In fact, with the use of an inverter’s electrical cubicle, they’ll keep going strong in temperatures of 55°C. 

All three models have an IP66-rated drive train to keep dust and moisture out and downtime to an absolute minimum. 

Finally, you’ll find a new unloader and an easy-to-service inlet valve. This way, when it is time for a spot of maintenance and servicing, you’ll go through it all 20% faster. 


Wondering about how you control the 111-160 kW series? Here’s the good news. It has an Airlogic T2 touchscreen controller. This allows you to maximise the performance and the efficiency of your compressor. You use less energy. You pay lower energy bills. And you have more uptime … And more time to do other tasks. Better find that To Do list again. 

A step ahead of you

Working out how to maximise performance and programme an air compressor to respond to fluctuations in air demand sounds complicated, convoluted and difficult to understand. It is. We know you wouldn’t want to have to do all the calculations yourself, so instead, we made the system smart enough to do it all for you. 

All models in the 111-160 kW series deliver all compressor data and info you might need straight to your office computer, the tablet when you’re away from the desk, or your smartphone when you’re away for the weekend. Convenient. This means you’re always able to check everything is running smoothly. If there are any potential issues? You’re informed before they have the opportunity to become problems. 

As well as this, the 111-160 kW series uses the ICONS intelligent connectivity system to analyse and then optimise your energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Take a quick look. Because if optimising your energy consumption and CO2 emissions was on your To Do list, you’ll now be able to cross them off lifting up a pen or looking for a calculator. Awesome. 

Meeting your needs

We have decided to offer a few different service packages for the 111-160 kW series. After all, different businesses have different needs. And by customising our approach here, we are able to make sure your air compressor is performing at its best at all times. Why would you want anything less?

Would you like to know more about the 111-160 kW series? Do you have questions about servicing, maintenance or delivery? Make sure you contact us today. We would be thrilled to discuss your needs – and our solutions – with you. 

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