Benefits of ALUP's 111-160 kW Range

September 21, 2020

The Industrial Compressor That Lets You Focus on Your Core Business

The best compressors are those that let you focus on other things, preferably your core business. You have to be able to count on your compressor to keep your production going, without unplanned interruptions or costly downtime. And because energy is your biggest expense, you need it to be as energy efficient as possible.

The new 111-160 kW industrial compressor series from ALUP does just that – and much more.

Its flagship model – the Evoluto – not only offers a steady compressed air supply, it also generates the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, increases the uptime of your system, and reduces emissions for a greener production.

And, in addition to its first-rate reliability even in tough conditions, the series also features outstanding connectivity that allows you to get the most out of your compressor from anywhere and at any time.

Here’s the secret behind a true can-have-it-all compressor.


Unparalleled Total Cost of Ownership & a Greener Production

A Choice of 3 Models

Tough and Reliable

Connectivity and Remote Monitoring 

Unparalleled Total Cost of Ownership & a Greener Production

While the entire 111-160 kW range raises the bar for industrial compressors, the Evoluto truly towers above its competition.

Thanks to an IE4 iPM motor, which adjusts its speed to match your fluctuating air demand, the efficiency of the Evoluto is unmatched. In combination with a new in-house designed screw element with improved efficiency, as well as an integrated direct drive transmission, this iPM motor can achieve energy savings of up to 45%.

In light of the large amounts of energy the generation of compressed air requires – energy costs make up 80% of the Total Cost of Ownership of compressors – these savings quickly add up: Over its lifetime, the Evoluto will significantly benefit your bottom line compared to a comparable model without iPM technology.

This energy efficiency also helps the environment by drastically reducing the emissions related to the generation of compressed air. 

A Choice of 3 Models

However, the iPM motor may not be the right fit for every compressed air application. For example, a fixed-speed model may be the better solution for operations with a stable air demand.

That is why the 111-160 kW series from ALUP also includes the fixed-speed Largo and the variable speed drive Allegro. While they cannot match the performance and savings the Evoluto can achieve, the Largo and the Allegro are the most competitive compressors in their respective product group.

Tough and Reliable

Furthermore, all three models share several innovative features that translate into tangible benefits for operators. All three compressors are supremely reliable – even in the most adverse conditions. You can count on them to deliver a steady supply of high-quality compressed air in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C – and the inverter’s electrical cubicle can even withstand temperatures of up to 55°C.

In addition, the range’s IP66-rated drive train keeps out dust and moisture, which further reduces annoying and costly downtimes.

Lastly, a new unloader and an easy-to-service inlet valve optimize the inlet flow to the screw element and offer a 20% reduction in service time. 

Connectivity and Remote Monitoring

The 111-160 kW series also features the advanced Airlogic T2 touchscreen controller. It allows you to maximize the performance and efficiency of your compressor and therefore contribute to its uptime. The new compressor range combines this premium controller with the ICONS intelligent connectivity system. It delivers compressor data and other information straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This enables you to further increase the reliability of your compressor by identifying issues from anywhere at any time before they become problems. An added benefit of ICONS is that it supports a greener production by analyzing and optimizing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Finally, ALUP knows that a one-size-fits all approach simply isn’t the optimal solution for most businesses. That is why it offers service packages that can be customized to guarantee that customers get the service they need. 

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