Condensate drain

ALUP LD 200, LD 202 and LD 203 automatic condensate drains dispose of all the condensate contained in compressed air

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Simple drain installation

Just connect it to any equipment which needs condensate draining (reservoir, filter, dryer, etc.).

Cost savings when using condensate drains

Manual condensate draining by operating staff is no longer necessary and at the same time condensate drains require minimum maintenance.

Easy condensate draining straight to oil separator

Connecting a condensate drain and an oil separator creates an effective solution for quick and ecological condensate disposal.

LD Condensate Drains

Did you know wear and corrosion can impact your air distribution network? Our intelligent LD condensate drains help to keep your compressed air system working in optimal shape. As your partners in compressed air, we offer total business solutions. From innovative products to exceptional service options, we are here to help.

Condensate Drain Overview

Benefits of the Condensate Drains

Benefits of the LD condensate drain include: ·         Easy discharge of condensate throughout the system ·         Less wear of the distribution network and equipment ·         Less stop in production ·         Little maintenance needed

Advantages to a Capacitive Condensate Discharge System

The LD condensate drain functions using a capacitive condensate discharge rather than a capacitive condensate discharge. There are many advantages to the capacitive condensate discharge, compared to the traditional timer condensate discharge system. Advantages include: ·         Only water discharges, no compressed air ·         Energy savings ·         No noise ·         Environmentally friendly

Your Partners in Compressed Air

Avoid any risk of wear and corrosion with the LD condensate drain. The condensate drain can be used in any application using compressed air systems. To understand how the draining process works, check out our brochure for full details. Trust in us for all your compressed air needs, as we find the most suitable solution to suit.

  Max. working pressure  Max. compressor performance
Max. dryer performance
Max. filter performance
  bar(psi) mc/h mc/h mc/h Volt/ Hz. / Ph. gas mm. mm. mm. Kg.
LD 200
16 (232) 900 1800 9000     132 132 164 0.7
LD 202  16 (232) 1800 3600 18000 230/50-60/1 1 x 1/2"M BSP 132 192.4 224 1.2
LD 203  16 (232) 9500 19000 95000     132 208 239.6 2.8

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