Did you know you can use your air compressor to heat your office?

When air is compressed, heat is formed in the compressor. Instead of being wasted, the excess heat can be captured with an energy recovery option and channeled to other applications like your office heating allowing you to save energy and cut costs.

In the energy recovery units, the oil circuit is pre-cooled with an oil/water heat exchanger. Water then becomes the fluid transport media to recover the oil temperature. The hot water resulting from this process can be used to heat radiators or water boilers, pre-heat supply water or hot tap water, and other industrial applications. The energy recovery option integrates a heat exchanger on the oil circuit, which heats up the continuously pressurized water flow. The system is regulated automatically, and in case of limited water cooling capacity, the standard cooling system of the compressor will operate and backup the energy recovery device. The energy recovery option is a simple mechanical system that requires no maintenance or electricity consumption, but offers you significant reductions in your energy costs. At ALUP you can buy your compressor with build-in energy recovery. But existing machines can also be extended with an energy recovery unit. Start saving energy today. Contact your local customer center for more information of advice on energy recovery from your compressed air installation.

Energyrecovery can be used to heat your radiators