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100% oil-free air compressors providing a low total cost of ownership

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Enjoy 100% Clean Air With ALUPs Oil-Free Compressors

Oil-free compressors It is essential to be able to have full confidence that your compressed air is completely free from oil. Here the Alup oil-free air compressor options are the perfect option when you need the confidence to know that you have 100% oil-free compressed air in your operation. Oil-free air compressors eliminate all risk of oil vapour in your compressed air system; it guarantees oil-free compressed air like no other air compressor can. Explore our oil-free compressors below.

Meeting the Oil-Free Standard

Our oil-free air compressors are Class 0 100% oil-free, meeting the ISO 8573-1 (2010) standard. This standard represents the highest air purity and eliminates any risk of oil contamination. Trust in our air compressors for the purest compressed air without any risk of air contamination to the product and enjoy clean air.

Sustainable Production

Oil-free air compressors give the advantage of minimal leaks and energy waste. You can safeguard the environment and get the sustainability you need with ALUP oil-free compressors. An oil-free air compressor gives you the peace of mind that critical processes are not at risk of being contaminated. 

Reduce Expenses

Expenses are reduced with oil-free air compressors in filter replacements, treatment for oily condensate and filter pressure drop. Maintenance costs are low for oil-free air compressors, helping keep expenses down. No risk of contamination to the product also means there will be no production downtime due to contamination.

Reliable Oil-Free Compressors

An oil-free air compressor provides a sound investment as you will receive outstanding reliability, low maintenance and low operating costs. Below you will find the oil-free air compressor options we have available. You can also learn more about oil-free compressors by following the links to our compressed air blog. 

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