Fixed Speed Screw Compressors - Largo

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A perfect fit on your production floor

The smart design of the Largo screw compressor allows it to perfectly fit on your production floor. The amount of parts inside the unit has been reduced to make a compact, flexible unit.

Simple fixed-speed Compressor

The limited number of parts makes the Largo easier to service. The service parts are also positioned for easy accessibility. The Air Control 5.1 controller gives you full control, easy operation and remote communication possibilities.

Energy efficient

The Largo screw compressors are energy efficient thanks to several cost-efficient components, including an efficient radial cooling fan.

Fixed Speed Screw Compressor - Largo

The Largo screw air compressor is our fixed-speed, gear-driven industrial compressor solution. It provides high-quality compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications with a stable air demand.

You can add on an integrated dryer, filters, water separators and proper draining to make this unit a complete all-in-one solution. With quality products and exceptional service options, we can provide your business with total solutions from beginning to end. We believe that improvement never stops and we strive to always translate this motto into exceptional products.