Thorlux Lighting install two ALUP super-efficicent Evoluto's

Established in 1936, Thorlux Lighting are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of professional lighting systems based in the Midlands, UK. Thorlux Lighting are well known throughout the world and provides a comprehensive range of professional lighting and control systems for architectural, commercial, floodlighting, industrial, hazardous area and tunnel applications.

Thanks to ALUP , we were able to get compressed air on site & commissioned in 2 days. We now have two Evoluto 55's running in parallel; a very good setup, very reliable and the service received from ALUP has been exceptional!

Ian Mulhall, Operations Director

Thorlux Lighting were embarking on a new project, and chose ALUP for the job. Having previous issues with the reliability of their air setup, ALUP completed a full survey of Thorlux's factory to understand their air requirements.; how much air was needed, the conditions, the quality of air needed in different parts of the factory. 

The survey concluded that Thorlux Lighting were running under the demand required of their air compressors. Their previous air equipment setup had become less reliable which resulted in 200 hours of lost production time.

The ALUP Evoluto 55 was the perfect solution for their requirements.  They installed two machines that run in parralell to ensure they a  continuous air supply at all times. Watch the video to learn more!



The Evoluto 55

The Evoluto 55 variable speed screw compressor is our most innovative and energy-efficient compressor to date. With this air compressor you will get increased performance and maximum reliability, while reducing your energy consumption by up to 45%. Our ALUP Evoluto screw air compressor ange is available from 30 hp up to 120 hp and each size includes variable speed technology.

In addition to an outstanding performance, maximum reliability and unprecedented energy savings, the Evoluto screw compressor also offers you peace of mind because you can be certain that you will enjoy exceptional productivity. 

ALUP Evoluto 55