Preventing corrosion in your compressed-air network

Wondering how to prevent corrosion in your compressed-air network? Stop rust in your pipes? Or make your compressed air dryer? We explain it all here.

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March 10, 2023

What do we mean by corrosion?

Corrosion? It’s also known as rust, oxidation, and a problem. As your metal corrodes, it will release impurities into your compressed air. Corrosion has the potential to reduce the diameters of your pipes, and as such, restrict the flow of air. Basically, corrosion is a glass-half-empty situation where there’s little in the way of good news. 

What causes corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural process. It occurs when untreated metal comes into contact with corrosive elements such as oxygen, hydrogen or hydroxide. Water belongs on the list too. In fact, it belongs at the top of the list: water contains both hydrogen and oxygen and causes corrosion at a faster rate than other corrosive elements.  

How do you prevent corrosion?

Any form of steel that is sensitive to and in contact with corrosive elements will corrode. The solution? A treatment that stops contact between corrosive elements and your metal? A great idea! However, it’s not always possible. And even if it is, water is such a troublemaker, it will eventually end up finding a way to break through the protective treatment and cause problems.

This is why, in the world of compressed air, we put the emphasis on removing water – or condensation – before it hits your pipe network. How?

  • Install a cyclone separator with an automatic condensate separator. It sounds complicated, right? It’s not. A cyclone separator is usually able to be installed directly in your air compressor. If not? There’s still no need to stress. There are cyclone separators that will install into your network directly downstream from your air compressor.
  • Filters and boilers may also release some moisture. It’s inevitable in some cases, but in others, it’s caused by unwanted leaks. Keep an eye out for them.
  • A compressed air dryer  – whether it’s a cooling or adsorption dryer – is highly effective.

Are you struggling with corrosion in your pipes? Would you like to know more about corrosion prevention, compressed air or air dryers? They’re the subjects we talk about at all day, every day at ALUP ... Get in touch with us today for all the info and insights you’ll ever need. 

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