Allegro 23-36 Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The highly efficient screw compressor range produces compressed air at a low noise level

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Variable Speed Direct Drive Transmission

You can expect a reduction in energy and maintenance while reliability is improved thanks to the variable speed direct drive transmission. Electrical bills will be lower and there will be less interruption to the production.

Reliable Motors

The reliable motor is a premium efficient Siemens motor with IP55 Class F Insulation from a supplier with worldwide support. You can expect greater protection and reliability with this motor.

Clean Air

Only clean air enters the compressor thanks to two-micron encapsulated intake filters.

Efficient Allegro 23-36 Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The Allegro 23-36 variable speed screw compressor provides highly efficient compressed air at a low noise level. This is thanks to the gearbox transmission. For an efficient, reliable and complete solution look no further than the Allegro range. The Allegro 23-36 screw compressor range is suitable for a wide range of compressed air requirements.

Matching Air Supply with Demand

We understand that reducing the operating cost of your compressed air solution is a major focus. Variable speed technology can cut the energy bill by up to 30% when used in the right application. The variable frequency drive compressor will match air supply with demand. This results in energy consumption being reduced when the demand is lower.

Variety of Configurations

The Allegro 23-36 variable speed drive compressors are available in four power sizes for improved efficiency. There is one pressure variant (5.5-12.5 bar) for the Allegro 23-36 rotary screw compressor range. Servicing is made easier thanks to the large hinged doors and removable parts. The high variety of configurations and scope of supply make installation easier.

Lower Energy Costs

A larger oil separation cartridge results in a pressure drop below 0.25 bar and oil carry over below 2 ppm. This will ensure lower energy costs, longer consumable life and improved air quality downstream and at the point of use.

Internal Components

An internal water separator with automatic drain removes up to 90% of compressed air moisture. To ensure the maximum of moisture removal, the oversized dryer is installed in the cold part of the compressor. Heavy duty air intake filtration prevents dust from entering the pneumatic circuit in dusty conditions.

Low Noise Level

The electric fan and baffles in addition to a pressurised enclosed system results in lower electrical consumption. The variable speed screw compressor can be installed closer to the application. This results in a decrease of energy and installation costs. An improved cooling flown results in a lower working temperature.

Stay in Control

Stay in control with the graphic controller, Air Control 5.1, which comes standard on the Allegro 23-36 variable speed screw compressor. Control is taken to the next level with the Air Control 5.1. Functionalities of the Air Control 5.1 include:

  • User-friendly graphic screens
  • Data logging
  • Storage on a memory card
  • Stop/start timers
  • Dual pressure band scheduling

Energy Recovery Option

As the compressor operates, heat will begin to form. With the energy recovery option, excess heat can be captured and channeled to other applications. This will result in energy savings and cutting costs. The energy recovery option is a simple mechanical system offering significant reductions in your energy costs.

Meeting All Your Compressed Air Requirements

The Allegro 23-36 variable speed screw compressor range is the range that meets all your compressed air requirements. The Allegro range is efficient, reliable, and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. We are your partners in compressed air and ensure that we continue to provide you with a complete solution. Our complete solution offers quality products and exceptional service. 

Technical specifications

  Min. working pressure Max. working pressure Free Air Delivery @ reference conditions** Motor power Noise level *** Cooling air volume
Min. FAD** Max. FAD**
m³/h l/s m³/h cfm m³/h cfm m³/h cfm m³/h cfm
Model bar bar 7 bar 5 bar 7 bar 9.5 bar 12.5 bar kW
hp dB(A) m³/h
Allegro 23* 5 13 47 13 255 151 248 146 215 126 180 106 22 30 66 2300
Allegro 26 5 13 47 13 290 168 284 167 252 148 209 123 26 35 67 4800
Allegro 30 5 13 61 17 348 202 334 197 295 174 248 146 30 40 68 4800
Allegro 36 5 13 65 18 380 221 374 220 331 195 270 159 37 50 69 4800

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