“A lot depends on our production, that is why we look for reliability.”

Interview with Tom Bos from TeamWorks BV

Over 10 years ago TeamWorks BV was established by Tom Bos and John Kwinten. The company began engineering products/prototypes and later the company activities were expanded with its own production to provide customers with a better service. Taking care of the customer is the most important motive. TeamWorks works for the shipping-, metal- and petrochemical industries. Several months ago a new Ltd has been established called TeamWorks Assemblies that focuses on mechanical assembly. With the establishment of Assemblies also the need for compressed air changed and therefore ALUP Kompressoren was brought in for a new compressed air installation.

ALUP installation at Teamworks

Tom Bos from Teamworks BV


We spoke to manager Tom Bos. Bos started out as an apprentice sheet metal worker and worked his way up to production manager. After gaining experience for over 20 years, he started TeamWorks, together with his colleague John Kwinten. “At first we only focussed on engineering products, from the drawing board to a workable prototype. We outsourced milling and turning of the products then,” tells Bos. This meant being dependent of suppliers regarding delivery periods. Following advice of a customer TeamWorks looked at the possibilities to execute this in-company. “With that we started a new challenge for us and we invested in milling and turning machines. Later on also in robots for loading and unloading this.” Executing this in-company resulted in a shorter delivery time and at the same time we created extra surplus value for the client. “We can deliver a complete package because we can also produce prototypes and small series. With this we can anticipate on mistakes, there will be no communication errors and everything can be made working. And even more important, we can take care of the client. The client asks and we deliver.” Looking forward, Bos states: “We want to grow bigger and expand our new assembly department. We have only just begun with assembly and just modernised our building. This is the new challenge for the coming time.”

We have compared multiple suppliers and ALUP proved to be the best.

Tom Bos from Teamworks BV


That new challenge induced us to renew the compressed air installation. Before this, TeamWorks worked with a second hand belt-driven compressor. “Because we are more and more dependent of compressed air we went looking for a reliable source of compressed air. We have compared multiple suppliers and ALUP proved to be the best. ALUP visited the location to look for a good solution. “We use the compressed air for milling, turning and blowing the machines clean. A lot depends on our production, the delivery period is important for our clients. With this dependence the dependence of compressed air is also growing. The frequency controlled ALUP Allegro 30 with direct drive that ALUP eventually offered, was very appealing. The technique is nice and trouble-free. Reliability was the most important, but nowadays you also, of course, pay attention to energy consumption. The frequency control is already saving energy. ALUP also recommended to install a buffer tank and Air Saver for higher energy efficiency. Behind the boiler is an ADQ cooling dryer that prevents moisture from entering the pipe system,” Bos explains. To ensure the reliability the old compressor acts as a backup machine. "The collaboration with ALUP is running smoothly and correctly. During the installation it showed that there was a component with a longer delivery time. This is well communicated with us so we knew what was going on. "