Air & Nitrogen Boosters

The complete range of boosters for medium- and high-pressure air and nitrogen applications

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Air & Nitrogen Boosters - a flexible offer

ALUP bstAIR boosters offer a flexible, reliable solution for 40 -and 300-bar applications:

What is a booster?

bstAIR 300 Air & Nitrogen booster
A booster is a special type of compressor that increases the pressure of already compressed air or gas. Adding a booster to a central air network is the most efficient and flexible way to generate medium- and high-pressure air and gas for the specific applications that need it.

40 or 300 bar?

  • A 40-bar booster is a good choice for on-demand use for applications with a stable air or gas consumption.
    Typical 40-bar applications are pet blowing, stress testing, power generation, and industrial cleaning.
  • A 300-bar booster is required for applications that need pressure this high.
    These include laser cutting, plastics forming, pressure testing, metallurgy, and gas handling.
    A 300-bar booster is also used to fill high-pressure bottles that help handle peaks in demand. 

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