Variable Speed Screw Compressors - Evoluto

Evolving Energy Efficiency

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Exceptional energy savings

A new and innovative drive train with our in-house designed iPM (interior permanent magnet) motor (IE4) coupled with the Imperium inverter has evolved the energy efficiency of variable speed compressors to a new level.

Highest reliability

Our iPM motor is oil-cooled and provides optimal cooling at all speeds and conditions. Key components are designed in-house to ensure top reliability and lifetime. Consumables of the highest quality enable a long lifetime and a lower total cost of ownership.

Improving your productivity

Maintenance-free components enable higher uptime and increased productivity. The new graphical touchscreen controller with integrated connectivity is easy to use and allows remote monitoring to protect and further optimize your compressed air network.

Variable Speed Screw Compressor Evoluto

Our iPM technology gives significant energy savings and helps contribute to a more sustainable production. An iPM compressor will adjust the motor speed to the air demand instead of only one speed in traditional compressors. 

In addition to an outstanding performance, maximum reliability and unprecedented energy savings, the Evoluto screw air compressor also offers you peace of mind because you can be certain that you will enjoy exceptional productivity.

We offer complete solutions to your business, from quality machines to service options that will keep your air compressor running. Our products and services reflect our belief that improvement never stops.