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Looking for an air compressor for sale? Look no further! Alup is the air compressor company to partner up with for all your compressed air needs. With nearly 100 years of experience in the air compressor market, we have some of the most advance and energy-efficient air compressors for sale. We have a strong presence around the world and can provide you solutions where ever you are.

When you need a new air compressor and you start looking for what is available on the market to buy. You realize how much choice there is. But you also realize that there are so much to consider when looking at all the air compressor for sale options available to you.

Experience and quality air compressor solutions

Founded in Germany close to one hundred years ago, Alup has build experience in air compressor technology, and nowadays we offer some of the most durable and energy-efficient air compressors for sale anywhere in the world. Here you can explore our different options of air compressors from screw air compressoroil-free compressor solutions, and piston compressors

However, no compressor installations are complete without ancillary products and solutions. Alup offers this too, with a large range of compressed air dryers and filtrations, along with compressed air piping and air receivers.

Your partner for compressed air

What you need is compressed air, but only looking for an air compressor might not be the best option for your business, you need to consider your full installations. Alup is more than just someone that has an air compressor for sale, we are your partner in compressed air. We can help you look at your full installation, see what will serve your business the best. We look at the total cost of ownership, buying an air compressor is only the first step, looking at the complete installation and the total cost over the life of your compressed air installation will help you get the best air compressor for your needs.

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With Alup offices around the world, your next partner for all your air compressor and compressed treatment is never far away. 

We have air compressor sales in Germany, Poland, Czechia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Russia, Netherland, Belgium, Italy, and Thailand to name a few. However, we sell to more places international including the US (United States of America) and other worldwide locations, contact us today to learn how we can help you with your next air compressor purchase.

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Evoluto – one of the most advance air compressor for sale in the world

After years of development and Alups Evoluto is one of the most advanced variable speed compressors on the market. Delivering enormous energy savings, resulting in one of the lowest total ownership costs on the market, now available up to 160kW in size. Contact us today to learn more or visit the Eveloto variable speed drive compressor page here.

Need to buy a fixed speed air compressor?

Look no further, Alup has a great range of fixed spend and variable speed drive air compressor product on the market. Explore our full range of screw air compressors or our options for piston air compressor solutions to suit your needs.