Variable Speed Screw Compressors - Allegro

Allegro screw compressors offer a reliable and efficient solution to fit your compressed air requirements

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Outstanding screw compressors with improved efficiency

The Allegro screw compressor provides high-quality compressed air for a range of industrial applications. This range is the result of continuous investment in product development, making it an outstanding compressor with improved efficiency.

Reduce energy costs and total cost of ownership

With the Allegro screw compressor you will benefit from drastic energy and ownership cost reductions.

Energy recovery

With a newly designed energy recovery system as an option, you can recover up to 75% of the total absorbed energy as warm water.

Variable Speed Screw Compressor - Allegro

The Allegro is one of our energy-efficient variable speed screw air compressors, available in a range of sizes. Reliable in even the harshest conditions, this screw compressor gives you lower energy and maintenance costs. Variable speed technology can reduce your energy consumption by up to 35%. We offer complete solutions for your business, from quality products to exceptional service. Speak to an ALUP representative today to find out how we can assist you. For ALUP, improvement never stops, as is reflected by our total compressed air solutions.