Allegretto 55-90 Screw Air Compressor

High-Quality compressed air for a wide variety of industrial applications

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Better energy efficiency

For better energy efficiency the screw compressors incorporate IP66, IE4 motors

Efficient transmission

With the direct or gearbox driven transmission, there is no long-term loss of energy efficiency

Designed for harsh conditions

These screw air compressors have been designed for harsh conditions and ambient temperatures up to 46°C

Allegretto 55-90 Screw Air Compressors

The Allegretto 55-90 screw type air compressor range provides high-quality compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications. The Allegretto 55-90 screw compressors stand out as they have been built around innovative features. This screw compressor range is the result of continuous investment in product development.

Better Energy Efficiency

You can expect a lower pressure drop in the Allegretto 55-90 thanks to the removal of valves downstream air end. This will result in better energy efficiency to your compressed air system. A repositioned outlet grating also results in less pressure drop, lower power consumption of the cooling fan and better energy efficiency.

High-Quality Cooling

There is a separate oil and air cooler in the Allegretto 55-90 screw air compressor range. This ensures high quality cooling and a long lifetime of the coolers. Gliding rails on the coolers are included for easy and safe removal. There is also improved motor cooling in these screw compressors thanks to a separate cooling flow.

High Inlet Filtration Quality

The Allegretto 55-90 screw air compressor range provides high inlet filtration quality. An encapsulated air filter preserves the machine against dust. A pleated 2-micron media allows for a larger filtration surface area. 

The benefits of high filtration include:
Expanded oil lifetime
Expanded filters' lifetime
Rapid access for maintenance
No tooling required
Maintenance cost reduction

Multiple Compressor Controller

Compressed air installations with multiple compressors can now be controlled with the EC0ntrol 6. This is a simple and central controller which reduces energy consumption in installations of up to 4 or 6 compressors. 

Control features include:
Single pressure measurement point
Minimised pressure band
Stable system pressure
Equalisation of running hours
Multiple IVR speed control
Clear and visual graphical display
Online monitoring and controlling possible

Intelligent Monitoring

With the Airlogic, you get intelligent control of the Allegretto 55-90 screw air compressor range. The Airlogic is a full colour 4.3” HD touch display control system. 

The features of the Airlogic include:
Intelligent unload cycle control
Warning indicators
Graphical indication service plan
Built-in online monitoring

Intelligent Connectivity System (ICONS)

The Intelligent Connectivity System is ready to go and allows you to benefit from all the advantages of ICONS:
Remote monitoring that helps you optimise costs and ensures a longer machine life
On-time maintenance which optimises costs and ensures a longer machine life
Potential problems are recognised before they can pose a threat to the stability of your production

Eliminate Risk of Leakages

 An in-house designed oil separator vessel integrates minimum pressure valve (MPV) to eliminate risk of leakages. Cast iron parts allow for a long lifetime of the part. The oil separator vessel has been designed for optimal oil separation. An integrated imperium inverter is installed in a separate cubicle to ensure optimal cooling and an easy maintenance.

Variable Speed Technology

A major focus of your compressed air installation should be the energy consumption. Energy costs represent 70% of the total operating cost of your air compressor over five years. Variable speed technology, like the Allegretto 55-90 screw air compressor, can cut energy bills by 35% in the right application. The variable frequency screw compressor matches air supply with demand therefore reducing energy consumption when the demand is lower.

Wide Range of Options

Our industrial screw compressor options include quality components. An internal water separator is optional for Allegretto. This can be combined with an automatic drain to ensure there is no air loss during condensate removal.

High Quality Compressed Air Solutions

The Allegretto 55-90 rotary screw air compressors are a powerful range providing high-quality air to several industrial applications. We have a range of compressed air products to ensure you receive the complete solution. We also offer exceptional service as we are your partners in compressed air. Trust in us when you are considering where to purchase your next compressor from.

Technical specifications

Allegretto 55-90

  Working pressure Max. free air delivery Motor Power
Model bar 7 7 9.5 9.5  
m³/h cfm m³/h cfm kW
Allegretto55 4-10





75 100





90 125
Allegretto90 4-10





110 150