Efficient Largo 23-36 Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

The efficient and reliable screw air compressor with a gearbox transmission

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Install in the Workplace

The low noise means the compressor can be installed close to the workplace without any major disturbances

Easy Servicing

Servicing is easier thanks to the large hinged doors and removable panels

Suitable for many applications

The fixed speed screw compressors are suitable for a wide range of compressed air requirements and industrial applications

Largo 23-36 Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

The Largo 23-36 fixed speed screw compressor provides efficient and reliable compressed air. Thanks to the gearbox transmission, this screw compressor provides compressed air of high efficiency and very low noise levels. For a compressor that is efficient, reliable and offers a complete solution, look no further than the Largo range.

Fixed Speed Gear Drive Transmission

The fixed speed gear drive transmission results in up to 30% less load on the element bearings and 3% higher efficiency than belt drive. Energy and maintenance costs are reduced while reliability is improved. You will receive lower electrical bills and less interruption to production.

Lower Energy Costs

A large oil separation cartridge results in a pressure drop below 0.25 bar and oil carry over below 2 ppm. This will ensure lower energy costs, longer consumable life and improved air quality downstream and at the point of use. Premium efficient Siemens motor with OP55 Class F insulation provides lower energy costs and reliability from a world-renowned supplier.

Improved Efficiency

Only clean air will enter the compressor thanks to two-micron encapsulated intake filters. Fresh air is taken from the cold side of the compressor to improve efficiency. An internal water separator with an automatic drain (standard with dryers) removes up to 90% of compressed air moisture. An oversized dryer installed in the cold part of the unit ensures maximum moisture removal

Low Noise Level

For lower electrical consumption, higher flow and lower noise, the Largo 23-36 fixed speed screw compressor incorporates an electric fan and baffles in addition to a pressurised enclosed system. This will result in a decrease in energy costs and installation costs as the compressor can be installed closer to the application.

Be in Control

Always be in control with the Air Control 5.0, which is standard on the Largo 23-36 fixed speed screw compressor range. 

Largo 26 screw air compressor
The Air Control 5.0 offers:
Icon based display action
Led status visualisation
Digital I/O
Remote start/stop, load/unload, emergency stop
Automatic restart after a power failure
Service indicator and fault management provide comprehensive messages to ease service diagnostics
Visualisation through web browser using a simple ethernet connection
Energy Recovery Option

Heat forms as the air is compressed. In the energy recovery option, excess heat is captured and channelled to other applications to save energy and cut costs. The oil-circuit is pre-cooled with an oil/water heat exchanger in the energy recovery option. The hot water from this process can be used for industrial applications.

The Compressor that Meets All Your Requirements

The Largo 23-36 fixed speed screw compressor range is the range that meets all your requirements. The range is reliable, efficient and provides a complete solution to fit a wide range of compressed air requirements. We are you partners in compressed air and provide quality compressed air products and exceptional service to your business. 

Technical data

  Max. working pressure Free Air Delivery @ reference conditions** Motor power Noise level*** Cooling air volume Weight
  FM FM Plus
Model bar psi m³/h l/s cfm kW hp dB(A) m³/h kg
Largo 23* 7.5 7.5 237 66 140 22 30 66 2300 465 540
8.5 8 223 62 131
10 10 203 56 119
13 13 175 49 103
Largo 26 7.5 7.5 277 77 163 26 35 67 4800 480 555
8.5 8.5 263 73 155
10 10 241 67 142
13 13 209 58 123
Largo 30 7.5 7.5 335 93 197 30 40 68 4800 580 701
8.5 8.5 306 85 180
10 10 281 78 166
13 13 245 68 144
Largo 36 7.5 7.5 374 104 220 37 50 69 4800 643 764
8.5 8.5 346 96 204
10 10 310 86 183
13 13 281 78 166