The Refrigerated Dryer

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19. tammikuuta 2023

Easy to Install Refrigerant Dryer

Did you read our guide on adsorption dryers, and now want to read about refrigerated dryers? We got you! As your total business solution provider we want to ensure you have all the compressed air knowledge available. 
Learn more about the refrigerant dryer here and why it could be the most suitable solution for your compressed air production. You will soon discover how this air dryer can be beneficial to your business.  


ALUP's ADQ Refrigerant Dryer

The cold dryer contains a cooling machine with a refrigerated compressor, heat exchanger and a cooling medium. The compressed air is cooled to between ± 0 and +6°C, the condensed water is precipitated and separated automatically. 

The dryer gives the compressed air a dew point of +3 to 10°C, which is enough to achieve condensation-free compressed air for use in heated rooms. 

The dryer is easy to install, requires little energy input and is relatively insensitive to oil in the compressed air. An oil separating filter should be installed after the dryer to reduce any residual oil in compressed air.

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