About Compressed Air

19. tammikuuta 2023

Time to learn about compressed air

So, by now you know about air and atmospheric pressure. It is time to learn about a key function of compressors and that is compressed air of course! Learn about not only compressed air but also the compression process necessary to create this air.

Understanding compressed air is a key factor when becoming a compressed air expert. Continue your journey with us on your compressed air expedition. 

About compressed air graphic

Unlike liquids, air can be compressed; i.e. a given volume of air can be reduced with increased pressure within the new volume as a result.

Compression is carried out in a machine with a power source, a compressor. In its simplest form, a compressor can be a football pump with a human as the power source.

Air is drawn into the pump and compressed to about 1/4 of its original volume. The air pressure inside the football therefore rises to four times atmospheric pressure. We've put air into the ball.

The absolute atmospheric pressure is about 100 kPa.

The air pressure in a football can be specified in different ways:

  • as four times the absolute atmospheric pressure, 400 kPa(a),
  • as excess pressure, 300 kPa (e), or
  • as 300 kPa (understood as excess pressure)
(See fact sheet for more info)

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