The Adsorption Dryer

19. tammikuuta 2023

Let Us Help You Choose Your Next Air Dryer

Choosing your next compressed air dryer but unsure which one will be the most suitable for your production? We have the adsorption dryer and refrigerant dryer available to you.

Here, we discuss the Adsorption dryer and how it functions. As your compressed air partner, we want to ensure you choose the most suitable air dryer for your production.

The Adsorption dryer consists of two pressure tanks which both contain a desiccant; usually aluminum oxide, silicon gel, or a mixture of these. 

The compressed air passes through one chamber and is dried as a result of contact with the desiccant to a dew point of -25°C or lower. Most of the dry compressed air then passes directly into the compressed air system. The remainder, 3-15%, is led into the second tank, where it expands to atmospheric pressure. The dry, expanded air then absorbs the moisture from the container's desiccant and then, together with the moisture, is released into the environment.  

After a certain time, the containers switch functions and we thus have a continuous-drying process.

The adsorption dryer is sensitive to oil and water in the compressed air and must always be preceded by an oil and water separation filter.

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