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A complete range of industrial solutions for compressed air with lowest TCO

ALUP offers you a complete range of screw compressors; there is always one that can be applied to your specific industrial needs. Our screw compressors are designed according to the latest demands for reliability, energy efficiency and ease of use

Complete solution

ALUP oil injected screw compressors are available from 5 to 340 hp. To decrease installation cost and address space needs the compressors are also available with a mounted receiver and integrated dryer (optional)


All ALUP rotary screw compressors are feature a high-quality motor with a rotary screw assembly and a clear, maintenance-friendly design

Maximize sustainability

Allegro screw compressors feature variable speed technology which can cut the energy bill of your compressor by up to 35%

Service and maintenance

Reliable performance of your compressed air system largely depends on good maintenance. That means regular service at right intervals, by knowledgeable people, using Original Parts that were designed for the equipment.

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ALUP compressors at Agrifirm

Interview: Agrifirm invests in new ALUP installation

1 June, 2015

In the world of animal feeds it is all about maximum nutritional efficiency. But at least as important is a company process that is as efficient as possible. Agrifirm Feed replaced 30 years old compressors for among other things frequency controlled compressed air installations from ALUP. The reliability improved and the energy consumption decreased considerably, also due to ingenious re-use of waste heat