SCK 20-40 Fixed Speed Screw Compressors

Available in four sizes - 15, 18.5, 22 and 30 kW

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Different Sizes Available

Available in 15, 18.5, 22 and 30 kW

Complete solution

These fixed speed screw compressors have been designed to be a complete solution

Air Treatment Package Available

Most of the units built on an air receiver can be equipped with an air treatment package composed by a refrigerant dryer, pre and post filters. Dry and clean air is guaranteed with this air treatment package and is perfect for the most demanding applications.

Belt Driven SCK 20-40 Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

The SCK 20-40 is one of our belt driven, fixed speed screw compressors available to you and provides the perfect solution. The reliable fixed speed drive screw compressors are available in 15, 18.5, 22 and 30 kW. Three configurations (base mounted, base mounted with refrigerant dryer, tank mounted with dryer) and three pressure variants (8, 10 and 13 bar) ensure efficiency. We are your partner in finding the best solution for your business.

Variety of Configurations

The full range up to 30 hp of these fixed speed screw compressors can be installed on an air receiver with a refrigerated dryer. The 20 to 40 hp range is available floor mounted with a dryer. The air receiver is 500 L and is a dry tank meaning the compressed air is supplied to the dryer and after to the tank.

Lower Energy Costs

With an improved volumetric C67 element and lower energy costs, the SCK 20-40 fixed speed screw compressors are cost saving and highly efficient. The air filtration and oil separation of these fixed speed screw compressors are also highly efficient. High-level air intake prevents larger dust particles from entering and the oil separator ensures less than 3 ppm of oil carry over. This is thanks to the cyclonic gravity and filter separation.

Reliable Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

Only clean air enters the SCK 20-40 fixed speed screw compressors due to the 2-micron encapsulated filters to improve the overall reliability.  Equipment efficiency is maintained by regular maintenance.

Quiet Operation

Noise levels of the SCK 20-40 fixed speed screw compressors range from 66 to 70 dB(A) to ensure a quiet operation. These noise levels are achieved thanks to a radial fan and noise baffling. The fixed speed screw compressors can be installed almost anywhere in the workshop without major disturbances. Installation close to the usage point can mean saving money and less risks of leakage.

Intelligent Control System

The new intelligent control system, Infologic2 Basic guarantees a simple and intuitive day-to-day operation for your business. The Infologic2 Basic not only monitors, controls and protects your compressor but also offers you:

·         remote start/stop

·         automatic restart after power failure

·         temperature readings

·         pressure reading and setting

·         running hours

·         loaded hours

·         service maintenance warnings and;

·         failure warnings

High Performance

A new generation of compressor elements ensures high performance allied to low energy consumption and a very long lifetime for your investment. Trust in us for a reliable, uninterrupted performance with a long equipment lifetime.

Strategically Placed Components

Removable panels make for the easy service of the SCK 20-40 fixed speed screw compressors, while main components are strategically placed at the front to facilitate and speed up maintenance. An external oil level check sight glass makes oil level check easier. These innovations lower the maintenance costs to you. We offer professional service by knowledgeable people using high-quality original parts.

Total Solution Option Available to Your Business

We offer the total solution to your business with the SCK 20-40 fixed speed screw compressor range.  The total solution option has everything you need inside the package. Usually you will need a compressor, a refrigerant dryer, a tank and two filters. The total solution is not only plug and play but also saves money in floor space, installation, pressure drop and reduces the risk of air leakages in the line.

Innovative and High-Quality Products

The SCK 20-40 fixed speed screw compressors are a part of our high-quality product portfolio we offer to your business. With quality products and exceptional service, we offer the complete solution to your business. Our screw compressors have been designed using our innovation and hands-on experience to give you peace of mind. We are driven by technology and designed by experience.

Technical data

  Max. working pressure ***
Free Air Delivery @ reference conditions *
Motor power Noise level ** Weight
500L D
Bar PSI m³/h
l/s l/min cfm
hp db(A) kg
SCK 20 8 116 153 42.5 2550 90 15 20 67 313 362 588
10 145 139 38.5 2310 82
13 188 112 31.2 1872 66
SCK 25 8 116 188 52.1 3126 110 18.5 25 69 328 377 603
10 145 162 45.0 2700 95
13 188 139 38.5 2310 82
SCK 30 8 116 223 62.0 3720 131 22 30 70 344 393 619
10 145 193 53.6 3216 114
13 188 167 46.4 2784 98
SCK 40 8 116 260 72.2 4332 153 30 40 71 444 493 NA
10 145 234 65.1 3906 138
13 188 206 57.2 3432 121

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