What does compressed air contain?

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September 15, 2022

Natural Elements of Compressed Air

Have you understood what air, atmospheric pressure and compressed air is and what to continue to uncover the secrets of compressed air? Yet again, you have come the to right place! Learn about what compressed air contains!

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The compressed air the compressor produces naturally contains the same elements as the sucked-up ambient air. The water vapor in the air is also compressed and thus the compressed air is humind. 

Compressed air from an oil-lubricated compressor also contains small amounts of oil from the compressor's lubrication system.

Depending on what the compressed air is to be used for, there are different requirements for what is acceptable in terms of pollution. The compressed air's quality often needs to be improved by drying (humidity is reduced) and filtering (oil and other particles are removed). 

Compressed air quality can be defined in different classes according to an international system.

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