Oil-Injected Screw Compressors

December 11, 2020

Also Known As Liquid-Injected Screw Compressors

Thinking of getting a oil-injected screw compressor, but want to know how it works? We have you covered!

In this article we talk about the oil-injected screw compressor, also knows as the liquid-injected screw compressor. We discuss the process of compressing air when using a liquid-injected screw compressor.

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In a liquid-injected screw compressor the compressed air is cooled with a cooling liquid in the compression chamber between the screws. The coolant, usually oil, circulates in a closed system between liquid tanks, coolers and screw units and mixed with air before compression. The compressor's operating temperature is therefore kept at around 80°C whatever the load and pressure.

Immediately after compression, the coolant is sepearted from the compressed air in the oil separator. The compressed air the goes through an after-cooler and then on the air tank.

Principle of a liquid injected screw compressor graphic

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