SCK 3-9 Screw Air Compressors

Simple and efficient screw compressors which range from 2.2kW to 7.5kW

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Range of Available Units

Units are available from 2.2kW up to 7.5kW

Low cost

The simple, reliable and efficient machines result in lower cost to you

Simple controlling

With components such as delivery pressure gauge, isolating switch, work hour counter, off/on switch and dew point indicator; the SCK range is simple to control

The SCK 3-9 Screw Air Compressor Range

The SCK 3-9 screw air compressors are simple screw compressors which range from 2.2kW to 7.5kW. The SCK 3-9 screw compressor range is 30% more efficient than piston compressors due to the reduction of air losses. For a simple, reliable and efficient machine at a low-cost look no further than the high quality SCK 3-9 industrial air compressors. 

Optional Features for the SCK 3-9 Range

Optional features in the rotary screw air compressor range include a 200 or 270 L tank for equalisation of pressure fluctuations in the pipeline system. Units on the air tank can be supplemented with a condensation dryer with PDP less than +3°C. These features allow for savings on installation costs and space, reduced risk of air leakages, improvement of air quality and reduced maintenance.

Reliable Screw Compressor Range

The reliability of the SCK 3-9 screw air compressor range is improved by the air filter which allows only clean air to enter the element. With easily removable panels and ideal positioning of maintenance parts, the SCK 3-9 screw compressors are easy to service and maintenance costs are reduced.

Simple Screw Compressor Solution at Low Price

The SCK 3-9 screw air compressor range is an ideal choice when you need a simple compressor solution at a low price. These highly efficient machines give you total peace of mind. Along with our quality products, we also offer exceptional service to provide the complete solution to your business. We are your partner in compressed air from beginning to end.

Technical data

Fixed speed




Free Air Delivery¹ Motor power Noise level² Weight Configurations
FM Receiver
m³/min l/s cfm kW
200 270 500  
SCK 3 7.5 0.3 5.0 10.6 2.2 3 61 99 X X - X*
9.5 0.24 4.0 8.5
SCK 4 7.5 0.44 7.3 15.6 3 4 61 103 X X - X*
9.5 0.32 5.3 11.3
SCK 5 7.5 0.56 9.3 19.8 4 5.5 62 105 X X - X*
9.5 0.47 7.8 16.6
SCK 7 7.5 0.7 11.7 24.7 5.5 7.5 64 110 X X - X*
9.5 0.6 10.0 21.2
SCK 9 7.5 1.01 16.8 35.7 7.5 10 66 160 X X - X*
9.5 0.92 15.3 32.5
Group of ALUP 5 air compressors
sck 3-9

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