Screw Air Compressor: Allegro 110-160

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Free Air Delivery

This variable speed screw compressor provides 5% more Free Air Delivery compared to the previous VSD model


The machine can be monitored and optimised remotely thanks to the Intelligent CONnectivity System (ICONS).

Econtrol6 Central Controller Solution

If you are operating multiple compressors, the Econtrol6 central controller solution will help to synchronise your machines. This will ensure the lowest total cost of ownership.

The 110-160 kW Oil-Injected Compressor is a reliable operation in the toughest of conditions. The operation will continue even when the compressor rooms reaches 46°C. While the electrical cubicle of the inverter can withstand up to 55°C. The oil-injected screw compressor can still perform in dusty and humid conditions, thanks to the ID66-enclosed drive train. 

The ICONS will send data and insights to your computer, tablet or smartphone from your machines. With the ICONS, problems can be identified before they become a threat to your production, increasing the reliability of your machine. 

An Advanced Airlogic²T touchscreen controller will maximise the performance and efficiency of the oil-injected screw compressor. The large 4.3’ touchscreen display gives system insights in over 30 languages. Insights include

·        Warning indications

·        Service schedule indication

·        Online visualisation of running conditions

Energy recovery can have a major impact on energy savings when running a compressor. Heat is formed when a compressor is running, the excess heat is dissipated to ensure that the compressor doesn’t overheat. This heat could be captured with energy recovery technology and used in other applications. An energy recovery system can help save on energy and cut costs.

Using the Econtrol6 solution will narrow the operating pressure brand resulting in energy savings. You can also save on maintenance costs as all compressors are monitored and controlled from one single touchscreen display.

We are your partners in compressed air and can provide the total solution to your business. Our complete package includes innovative and reliable compressed air products and exceptional service. Our service packages can be customised to ensure your compressed air needs and preferences are met. We are ready to meet all your compressed air needs.

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Technical specifications

  Min Free Air Delivery Max Free Air Delivery Motor Power
  7 7
7 9.5 9.5 9.5 12.5 12.5 12.5            
Model Max Working Pressure m³/h
l/s cfm m³/h l/s cfm m³/h l/s cfm m³/h l/s cfm kW hp Db L W H
110  4-13 bar 0   0 1280 356 753 0   0 0   0 110 150 76 2800 1755 1960
132  4-13 bar 0   0 1537 427 905 0   0 0   0 132 180 77
160  4-13 bar 0   0 1777 493 1046 0   0 0   0 160 220 78

Allegro 110-160kW Oil-Injected Screw Compressor

If we think of a compressed air production system like a human body, the compressor is the heart. The air compressor gets the air to where it is needed. The Allegro 110-160kW Oil-Injected Rotary Screw Air Compressor range produces high quality air to keep your production running with maximum efficiency.