What is a Screw Air Compressor?

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A screw air compressor is a type of air compressor which uses a rotary-type positive mechanism. Screw compressors can commonly be found where large volumes of high-pressure air are in need. When your application requires continuous air demand, a screw compressor is the way to go. Here at ALUP we offer total solutions to your business to form a trustworthy partnership.

How a Screw Air Compressor Works

The screw compressor traps air between two meshed rotors, the air volume is then reduced as it moves through the rotors. The reduction in volume results in compressed air which is then used for a variety of applications. You can find screw compressors in applications that require high quality equipment such as industrial productions and medical facilities.

Major Advantages of the Screw Air Compressor

A major benefit of using the screw air compressor compared to other air compressors is the continuous supply of compressed air. Other benefits of the rotary screw compressors make these machines ideal for both mobile and standalone applications. Explore more of the benefits of a screw type compressor here.

ALUP Screw Air Compressors

The types of screw air compressor range we offer include the:

● Energy efficient variable speed range - Evoluto and Allegro

● Fixed speed industrial solutions - Largo

● Belt driven essential demand solutions - SCK and Sonetto

Speak to an expert today to decide which industrial air compressor is the best for your application. We offer complete solutions to your business from beginning to end, from quality products to exceptional service options. We believe that improvement never stops and strive to ensure you receive an innovative and efficient compressed air system. Other compressed air products we offer include piston compressors, air dryers, air piping and compressed air treatment solutions.