SCK 6-15 Fixed Speed Screw Compressors

These belt driven screw compressors are available from 4 kW up to 11 kW

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Many variants and sizes available

The SCK 6-15 fixed speed screw air compressors come in many variants and are available from 4 kW up to 11 kW with air flow from 36 m³/h up to 102 m³/h.

Operates under extreme conditions

Can operate under extreme conditions and still maintain long bearing life cycle due to strong power reserves.

High quality air filtration

The filtration of the SCK 6-15 screw air compressors are of high quality including the oil and compressed air quality.

Fixed Speed SCK 6-15 Screw Air Compressor Range

Our SCK 6-15 range are fixed speed belt driven screw air compressors which offer high energy efficiency at a very low noise level. The SCK 6-15 screw air compressors are an ideal choice as they offer a large range of optional configurations. These SCK 6-15 screw compressors are available from 4 kW up to 11 kW.

Compact Design Reduces Installation Cost

The SCK 6-15 compressor units use single-stage screw rotary air compressors with oil injection. The compact design of these screw air compressors allow for a small floor space requirement. This compact installation reduces foot print and installation cost and eliminates leakage risk. The piping of the SCK 6-15 screw compressor range is designed for a minimal pressure drop.

Reliable Belt Driven Screw Air Compressor

The reliability and efficiency of the oil flooded asymmetrical screw type element has been proven with thousands of belt compressor installations throughout the world.  The design of the belt drive allows for maximum efficiency, easy access and maintenance and guaranteed alignment. The belt drive is seperate from the rest of the internal components to give more protection for the internal components, minimum slip and constant efficiency over the total life cycle.

Floor or Tank Mounted Units

The floor mounted units of the SCK 6-15 range are available with or without dryers and should be installed directly on the floor. Refrigerant dryers are designed for low pressure drop, pressure dew-point stable, higher efficiency, low operation cost and easy maintenance. For equalization of pressure fluctuations in the pipeline system, units are supplied with an air receiver of 270 or 500 L with or without a dryer with PDP less than +3°C. The air receiver is installed directly inside the canopy of the compressor.

Peace of Mind with a Highly Efficient Screw Air Compressor

Oversized air or oil cooling system with forced ventilation and conveyed flows guarantee low internal working temperature, increase the performance, increase the lifetime of the components and decrease the number of maintenance. The well tested air grants you with the peace of mind of a highly efficient screw air compressor.

Advanced Controller Standard in the SCK 6-15 Screw Compressor Range

The advanced controller Air Control 5.0 is standard in the SCK 6-15 screw air compressor range, while the graphic Air Control 5.1 is optional. The easy to read Air Control 5.0 allows for better adapting and operation. Also optional (or standard on PLUS version with dryer) is a water seperator, which eliminates 85% of condensate that would have to be removed by the dryer itself. This results in energy savings and increases the reliability of pneumatic equipment and increases the air quality.

Low Cost of Maintenance

Easy removable parts means that service becomes easier and lowers the cost of maintenance. Components of the SCK 6-15 screw air compressors have been strategically placed for ideal positioning. Floor mounted units are easy to move and transport due to forklift holes. Oil level check is external for easy, rapid and immediate control.

ALUP Provides Total Solution to Your Business

With the SCK 6-15 screw air compressor range you receive a efficient, reliable and complete solution which fits a wide range of compressed air requirements. We use our experience to ensure that you receive reliable and efficient technology. We provide your business with total solutions as we offer quality products and exceptional service. 

Technical data

Fixed speed
Max. Working pressure
Free Air Delivery¹ Motor power Noise level²

Dimensions FM

L x W x H

Weight Configurations
FM Receiver
Model bar
l/s cfm
kW hp
dB(A) mm kg 200 270
7.5 0.6 10.0 21.2 4 5.5 59 965 x 662 x 1045 185 - X X X
9.5 0.5 8.3 17.7
SCK 8 7.5 0.83 13.8 29.3 5.5 7.5 60 965 x 662 x 1045 195 - X X X
9.5 0.69 11.5 24.4
12.5 0.5 8.3 17.7
SCK 10 7.5 1.17 19.5 41.4 7.5 10 61 965 x 662 x 1045 215 - X X X
9.5 1 16.7 35.3
12.5 0.8 13.3 28.3
SCK 15 7.5 1.7 28.3 60.1 11 15 61 965 x 662 x 1045 256 - X X X
9.5 1.43 23.8 50.5
12.5 1.2 20.0 42.4
sck 6-15

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