New Sonetto 3-9 screw compressor range

ALUP innovates lower energy industrial compressors

With manufacturing and service industries under pressure to reduce carbon emissions, as part of the UK government’s ‘Net Zero’ roadmap, leading industrial compressor brand, ALUP, has launched an upgraded range of oil-injected air compressors, which have a significantly lower environmental footprint

Infologic2 controller

The Infologic 2 controller is easy to operate and read through the use of icons on the screen. Furthermore the Infologic 2 offers the possibility for external stop/stop operation, verification of pressure and temperature, automatic start after power failure, advanced monitoring for among others maintenance.

Next generation air ends

ALUP’s innovative Sonetto models feature a revamped air end element, which facilitates a market-leading increase of 15% in Free Air Delivery (FAD) output and a reduction in energy consumption on selected models of up to 12%.

Compact and silent

Offering a fully-integrated configuration with combined air receiver, tank, filtration and refrigerant dryer, provides customers with a compact, silent unit, 61-68 dB(A), that not only costs less to install but also means it can be located closer to the point of use, requiring less pipework. Internal componentry has been designed to allow for easier maintenance and removable service panels enable quick access.

Intermittent air demand

A full range of options allows the compressor to operate on a low duty cycle typically seen on piston machines, where the demand for air is intermittent. The combination of an anti-condensation oil heater, tropical thermostat and a larger 500-litre air receiver thereby allows the unit to operate on very low duty cycles and also avoids the issue of condensation forming within the oil. 

Continuous air demand

Where there is a need for large volumes of air on continuous demand, such as an industrial production process, ALUP’s Sonetto belt-driven screw compressors can be configured accordingly. Units are available either floor mounted, tank mounted or tank mounted with refrigerant air dryer, the latter version delivering a 55% reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP) over previous generation screw and dryer packages. This is a result of the change from R134a HFC refrigerant gas to R513a HFO refrigerant gas used within the refrigerant dryer. Compressor power ranges from 2.2 to 7.5kW in either 8 or 10 bar versions and distributors also have the option of a pressure conversion kit for flexibility in stock holding and to ultimately ensure the end user gets exactly the right pressure unit for their application.

Within the production and service industries, compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility, so ALUP remains committed to improving efficiency and performance, as well as pursuing ways of reducing energy consumption. These latest innovations to ALUP’s Sonetto range of screw compressors have been developed in conjunction with customer requirements, whilst recognising the urgent need to lower carbon emissions in every sector. Improving the work environment for operators by minimising noise has also been a key factor, so these upgraded machines provide a compelling overall business solution in a challenging economic climate.

Mark Keen , Business Line Manager
March 2021