Why is saving energy important

Did you know that 70% of the total cost of compressor installation consists of energy costs?

There are many reasons why saving energy is important for your business as it helps you in many ways to make your business more efficient as well as providing you with many different forms of value. Alup can help you become more energy efficient to help reduce energy bills, reduce your costs and comply with all environmental legislation.

Top 5 tips to save energy on your Alup compressor

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With 70% of the total cost of a compressor installation consisting of energy costs, it is important to know how this impacts your compressed air budget. We have provided top tips on how to save on energy costs while taking the environment into account. We are your partners in compressed air and ensure you are provided with all the compressed air knowledge available.

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How can ALUP help you?

At Alup we aim to make production as easy and efficient as possible. With products like our Evoluto compressor, our Allegro compressor, the Energy box Alup can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Our energy efficient variable speed compressors are a great way to reduce your use of energy by matching the air supply with the demand ultimately improving your productivity whilst being reliable. Our variable speed air compressors can save up to 35% of energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent.

Allegro range

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Evoluto range

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Energy Box

Energy recovery box






With the Allegro compressor not just your energy costs go down, but your cost of ownership is decreased as well, giving you much lower costs. It also comes with a newly designed energy recovery system as an option, with this feature you can recover up to 75% of the total absorbed energy











Our Evoluto compressor comes with an iPM motor which helps reduce your energy usage by 45% whilst making your compressor more reliable and productive as it is completely maintenance free.









Alup’s Energy box uses our new energy recovery technology which helps recover 80% of thermal energy produced in production to be then used again and keeping your energy levels down.

Add Ons

Alup’s ECOntrol is a central controller system allowing you to efficiently monitor and control your compressor. Features include signal and alarms to help maintain your compressor as well as maintenance scheduling and logs to help your compressor last longer. Keeping your compressor at its optimal performance prevents leakages and issues that will use wasted energy that can be prevented.

Alup screw compressors can be installed with ICONS -our connectivity solution improving your machine’s reliability and efficiency by offering real time monitoring so you can stay updated on your compressors status detecting failures early ultimately avoiding future breakdowns.

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