About Air

December 11, 2020

Before you learn about compressed air, learn about air

Are you trying to learn more about compressed air and how everything comes together? The first step is learning about AIR! Air is a necessity in everything we do. It is an important part of AIR compressors.

As a total business solution provider we want to ensure you recieve all the knowledge and know how when it comes to our compressed air products. Learning about air is a great first step in becoming a compressed air expert!

About Air Graph

Life on earth depends on a gas bubble, the atmosphere, that surrounds our globe. The protective bubble extends approx. 100 km into space. What we commonly call air is a gas mixture consisting mainly of nitrogen, oxygen and a larger or smaller amount of water vapor. The air also contains small amounts of inert gas and, unfortunately, a lot of pollution in the form of hydrocarbons produced by man.

The air composition remains largely the same up to about two miles altitude.

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