Dangard optimizes compressed air system

Danish surface treatment expert invests in new compressor solution and secures future energy savings

In the summer of 2020, Alup Scandinavia delivered a full plug'n'play container solution for Dangard's factory in Fasterholt. By building the compressor installation into a container, Dangard can now benefit from maximized flexibility and energy savings, without compromising the efficiency of the system.

Alup compressor installation at Dangard

Per Møller, COO at Dangard, with Henrik Rasmussen, Advisor and Project Manager from Alup Scandinavia.


When looking at the large steel constructions that are being moved around Dangard's production facilities, their high demand for compressed air is obvious. Items up to 100 tonnes are moved through sandblasting, coating and hardening chambers.

Compressed air is an essential part of Dangard's operation, and reliability is a very large factor when choosing a new compressor system. In close collaboration, Dangard and Alup was able to develop a state-of-the-art solution, built to meet all Dangards needs.

Heat recovery from excess energy

The new compressors play a big part in Dangard's goal to improve their sustainability and green image.

Hot oil from the compressor installations is used to heat water in their water system and maximize heat recovery. Excess energy from the compressors are utilized in the factory's heating system for a temperated chamber, used for hardening large constructions, which needs to be heated up to 42°C when in use.
Alup assisted Dangard with energy calculations on both their old compressors and the new installation, for calculating energy savings achieved through the investment. 
In the future, Dangard hopes to develop the project even further, and utilize 100 % of the excess energy for heat recovery.

We are able to use around 70 % of the excess energy from each compressor for heat recovery. The heat is used for a chamber where we keep large constructions while they harden.

Per Møller, COO at Dangard

When Dangard initially started the search for a new service partner, for all their existing compressor systems, they quickly got in contact with Alup. The collaboration led to talks of optimizing Dangard's compressor installations, and the idea for a new container solution started.

Through close dialogue, the project started to form. After a walk-through of Dangard's existing compressor installations, Alup began development of a new solution began.

The general idea behind the installation was to develop a solution, that could easily be transferred to other of Dangard's factories. In addition, one or both of the containers can be moved between their factories in case of disruptions or particularly high activity - in the matter of few hours.


The solution

Dangard's new compressor solution consists of two containers, each with a built-in compressed air system - one fixed-speed and one variable-speed compressor.

An Allegro 110 variable-speed compressor is the primary source for compressed air and supplies the factory for their daily needs. Due to the variable-speed technology, the compressor constantly adjusts the load to the current demand, to keep its energy consumption at a minimum. In the other container, a Largo 110 fixed-speed compressor, operates as a base load compressor during peaks in Dangard's production. For instance, when several large constructions are being sandblasted at once, on top of the other operations.

PI diagram of Dangard container project

PI-D for Dangard container project

Alup offers modern technology, but with simple functionalities that makes their compressors easy to operate.

Per Møller, COO at Dangard

Completed container installation at Dangard's factory in Fasterholt

Optimized service and maintenance

The containers used for the project are standard models in extra high versions, which have been additionally insulated to maintain the optimal temperature for the compressor installation. The full side open allows for easy service, both daily maintenance and service visits from Alup technicians.

An important factor during development, was to design the installation so all components are easy-accessible. This improves the working environment for both Dangard and Alup employees, who are performing tasks on the compressor system.