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Clean and oil-free air for top-end products, 100% clean and 100% secure. Whether for sorting, ejecting, mixing or filling – the production of food and beverages must be absolutely clean and free from contamination. Thanks to our oil-free compressors you are on the safe side!

Latin American woman operating the embroidery machine at a clothing factory - fashion industry concepts


Especially in the textile industry, the quality of the final product is of crucial importance. With compressed air from ALUP you provide your looms, circular knitting equipment, dyeing equipment and winders in a reliable way so that their production can run smoothly

contruction site with large crane hoovering over it


Building and construction is impossible without compressed air. From the small piston compressor on the construction site to lager applications. ALUP products provides the productivity and energy efficiency you need

Different dental instruments and tools in a dentists office


Caring for patients must be the primary phocus. Therefore you must rely on the most reliable compressed air installations that provides the optimal air quality you need. ALUP compressors and air quality solutins provide the ultimate solution.

Tractor on grass land


Diverse applications ask for specialist products. From operation of dairy machines, product conveyors, handling machines or for your tractors tires, ALUP has the compressor for your needs

application wood


ALUP compressors are suitable for all your industrial applications; for wood- and metalworking, printing, plastics and rubber products manufacturing to glass industry. Connect with us to find your ideal compressed air solution

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Cost efficient compressors that deliver you the compressed air you need for your application. From consulting to planning and implementation - we work out the perfect solution for you!

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Whether for painting facilities, air operation of lifting platforms, car wash facilities or air supply for car repair workshops – thanks to ALUP you are fully and reliably

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From consulting to planning and implementation - we work out the perfect solution for you!

Original Parts and Services for compressors

Global service, Unrivalled expertise in air compression and availability of spare parts in all corners of the world

Air Compressors ⤸

Check out our range of air compressors

Screw Compressors

Evoluto 55 range variable speed drive compressors

We offer a complete range of highly efficient screw air compressors suitable for your industrial needs. Each screw compressor has been designed according to the latest demands for reliability, energy efficiency and ease of use.

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Piston Compressors


We offer you a complete range of piston compressors fit for semi-professionals and professional applications.

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Oil-Free Compressors


In certain industries such as food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, there can be no risk of oil contamination in your processes. Eliminating the risk ensures oil-free air for your critical process and will keep peace of mind. Outstanding reliability, low maintenance and operating costs make our oil-free compressors a great investment.

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Compressed Air Treatment ⤸

Check out our range of compressed air treatment solutions

Refrigerant Dryers

avsd-refrigerant dryer

Refrigerant dryer protects compressed air distribution from corrosion and resulting leakage. It therefore prolongs the lifespan of compressed air and pneumatic tools.

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Adsorption Dryers


Adsorption dryers reaching dew point levels from -40 up to -70°C are used for removing all humidity contained in compressed air.

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Line Filters


Our filter series features next-generation engineering to safeguard your air-powered equipment with maximum efficiency, reliability and ease of use

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Oil-Water Separators


During compressed air production, condensate is produced that contains trace amounts of oil. It is not possible to pour the condensate straight into sewerage but ecological disposal is necessary. This activity is simplified by oil separators, which absorb all the oil contained in the condensate using oleophilic and carbon filters

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