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January 25, 2021

Oil-Water Separation - More Than Doing the Right Thing

Every compressor generates condensate. It is an inherent byproduct of the compression process. With oil-lubricated compressors, this condensate consists of an oil-water emulsion that cannot simply be flushed down the drain. It must be treated to prevent the oil from polluting the sewage system. An oil-water separator separates out the oil from your waste water and safely disposes of it to protect the environment.

Oil water separator from front

Like Oil and Water

Anybody who has paid attention in science class or watched news footage of an oil spill knows that oil and water don’t mix well. Even a tiny amount of oil can pollute a lot of water. In fact, a liter of oil can contaminate 1 million liters of water by spreading across its surface.

That, in turn, can have a devastating impact on the environment. The oil slick that places itself on top of the water’s surface prevents oxygen from getting to plants and animals that live in the water. In addition, oil also affects the insulating characteristics of fur-bearing animals as well as the water-repelling properties of a bird’s feathers. Essentially, this means that too much oil in the water can kill a lot of animals.

A Clean Solution

Fortunately, the condensate of an oil-lubricated compressor poses no threat to the environment as long as it is properly treated.

To do so, you need an oil-water separator. As its name says, it separates the oil from the water so that it can be safely disposed of without harming the environment.

However, oil-water separation is not just the right thing to do, it is also required by law in most countries – and violating these standards can result in penalties.

A Cleaner Solution

Protecting the environment and complying with national regulations is a small price to pay in light of the benefits an operating an oil-lubricated compressor offers.

In the past, however, this condensate treatment used to be very high-maintenance.

Not anymore.

ALUP has developed a better oil-water separator that is not only easier and less cumbersome to service, but also even better for the environment because it filters out more oil.

By introducing a dual-stage treatment with polypropylene and activated carbon or organoclay, the new OWS 4-900 from ALUP can even separate the oil from stable emulsions, i.e. an oil-water mix that has not naturally separated yet.

The result is extremely clean waste water with an oil content as low as 5 ppm at outlet. That not only allows you to run a greener production, it also ensures that you can meet the most stringent environmental laws.

Even better for its users, the new OWS is much easier to service thanks to a cartridge system that makes the entire process a lot less messy. It is low-maintenance too. Thanks to its top quality ALUP design, it offers long 4,000-hour service intervals.

The Ultimate Win-Win

In the end, everybody wins with the new OWS: The environment is protected, you comply with even the toughest regulations, and maintenance of your OWS is much faster and cleaner.

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