EngineAIR Piston Air Compressor

A Versatile Engine Compressor

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Low Fuel Consumption

Thanks to our trademark efficiency, all engineAIR compressors consume very little fuel

Worldwide Service Support

If you ever need assistance, take advantage of a global team that stands ready to help you.

The Versatile Engine Compressor That Goes Where You Go

The engineAIR piston compressor is like the Swiss Army Knife of compressors: It is incredibly versatile and you can take it anywhere. That makes it your ideal companion for operations that require you to be on the go. 

Built for Tough Conditions The engineAIR series is designed for moving and operating in difficult terrain: - The ergonomic handle ensures that you can move your engineAIR compressor easily - Large pneumatic tires help you get around - Double feet with rubber guarantee a firm footing - A shock absorber protects your compressor from bumps

More Than a Compressor

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The engineAIR not only efficiently and reliably delivers air, it can also supply you with electricity. It is equipped with a three-phase V 400/50 (red) electric plug (6 kVA) as well as a mono-phase V 230/50 (blue) electric plug (2 kVA). That means instead of having to haul around a compressor and a generator, you get a two-in-one mobile solution that makes your life much easier and gives you a maximum of versatility. The range also features stationary models that even function as a diesel engine and therefore allow you to combine more equipment into a single machine.

The Right Model for All Your Needs

There are more than 20 different versions and sizes for you to choose from to make sure that your engineAIR is the right solution for you. These range from a small, hand-held petrol version and mobile versions with or without rollbar to large, stationary compressors available with diesel or petrol engines. 

1121440127 engineAIR 6-270 Diesel

Many Different Features The different models come with a wide range of features. Here are just a few: - Reliable aluminum pumps - Regulator filter unit and lubricator - Shockproof gauge in glycerin bath - Kohler motors with electric start - Filter reducer - Control panel - Soundproof cabinet