Allegro 8-14 Screw Air Compressor

The Allegro 8-14 variable speed screw compressors are efficient, reliable and are available in 8, 11 and 15 kW

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Available Units

The variable speed screw compressors are available in 8, 11 and 15kW

Internal components ensure efficiency

The internal water separator removes up to 90% of the compressed air moisture (standard with dryers). The line filter removes oil and dust down to 0.1 ppm (operational for units with integrated dryer)

Easy to Install and Maintain

Large removable panels allow for easy and smooth service, while forklift lifting point makes moving and positioning easier

Efficient Allegro 8-14 Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The Allegro 8-14 variable speed screw compressor provides an efficient, reliable and complete solution. These compressors fit a wide range of compressed air requirements. The compressor units use single-stage screw rotary compressors with oil injection. The high frequency variable speed motors (available in 8, 11 and 15 kW) are designed for converter duty.

Benefits of Direct Drive Transmission

To further lower energy costs the volumetric efficiency is improved. Service costs are also lowered due to the direct drive as there are no belts to tighten or replace. These variable speed drive screw compressors can be installed at point of use as they are very quiet. The Allegro 8-14 screw compressors provide energy efficiency and energy savings to your production.

Get the Most Out of Your Allegro Screw Air Compressor

The Allegro 8-14 variable speed screw compressors are available floor mounted, tank mounted, and tank mounted with an integrated dryer. The tank mounted solution and compact design can save space in your workshop. The oversized integrated refrigerant dryer simplifies your installation and ensures high quality compressed air. The wide range of options enable you to get the most out of your Allegro screw compressor.

At Your Service Even in The Harshest Conditions

For low energy consumption the Allegro 8-14 variable speed screw compressors have a wide range of speed regulation, up to 83%. Receive higher air stability as these variable speed screw compressors are more responsive to demand fluctuation. The Free Air Delivery of these variable speed screw compressors are up to 20% more improved compared to the previous generation. The Allegro 8-14 screw compressors are at your service even in the very harsh conditions.

Efficient Cooling System

An electric fan plus baffles to allow for a higher flow and electrical consumption of fan. This will result in a lower oil and motor temperature in your production. A very big vertical cooler allows for a longer lifetime for consumables and is suitable for up to 46°C ambient. An enclosed system allows for better cooling and improved reliability.

Higher Air Quality

An oversized oil separator lowers the oil temperature of the Allegro 8-14 variable speed screw compressors. To ensure longer life of the consumables, the oil carry over has been lowered with less than 3 ppm. An oil sight glass allows for an easy and fast oil level check. You can also expect higher air quality with the Allegro 8-14 screw air compressors due to these advantages.

Customise Your Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The advanced controller (Air Control 5.0) allows for better adapting and operation. There is also an optional graphic controller (Air Control 5.1) available. Other options include a compressed air filter to improve the air quality and WSD to protect your dryer from moisture. Many more options are available to customize your variable speed screw compressor.

New Standard for Working Power and User Comfort

The Allegro 8-14 sets a new standard for working power, operation safety, service life and user comfort. This variable speed screw compressor range provides compressors that are reliable as they are TEFC IP55 Class F insulated. We offer your business a total solution from quality products to exceptional service. 

Technical data







Free Air Delivery at reference conditions  Motor power
  m³/h cfm m³/h cfm m³/h cfm m³/h cfm
Model bar psi 5 bar 7 bar 9.5 bar 12.5 bar kW
Allegro 8 12.5 181 77 44.7 75 43.5 64.8 37.6 51 29.6 8 10
Allegro 11 12.5 181 114 66.2 111.6 64.8 90 52.3 73.8 42.9 11 15
Allegro 14 12.5 181 140 81.3 135.7 78.8 113.8 66.1 85.3 49..5 15 20

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