Allegro 15-25 Screw Air Compressor

The Allegro 15-25 is a energy efficient solution with direct drive and variable speed technology

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Four available power sizes

The Allegro 15-25 is available in 15, 18.5, 22 and 26 kW

Direct Drive Technology

The Allegro 15-25 variable speed screw compressor receives no transmission losses due to the direct drive.

Improved elements

Energy costs have been lowered thanks to an improved volumetric efficiency C67 element. You can also expect a lower working temperature because of an improved cooling flow.

Allegro 15-25 Direct Driven Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The Allegro 15-25 is our direct driven variable speed screw compressor. The Allegro 15-25 is available in four power sizes (15, 18.5, 22, and 26 kW). The variable-speed screw compressors are available base mounted (with or without dryer) or tank mounted with dryer. With a variety of configurations, we are sure to have the right fit for you.

Variable Speed Technology

With the right application, variable speed technology can cut your compressors energy bill by up to 30%. The variable speed drive compressor will match to your air supply demand. This will reduce the compressors energy consumption when the air demand is low. If the demand is stable, then the controller guarantees a fixed set pressure.

Silent Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The noise levels of the Allegro 15-25 rotary screw compressor range between 66 to 70 dB(A). The very silent compressor is achieved using a radial fan and noise baffling. You can save money on installation and energy consumption with the compressor being installed close to the usage point.

Next Level Control and Monitoring

The AirControl 5.1 is standard in the Allegro 15-25 range and allows you to take monitoring to the next level. Additional functionalities included with the AirControl 5.1 are:

  • User-friendly graphic screens
  • Data logging and storage on a memory card
  • Stop/start timers - the AirControl 5.1 can be programmed to operate as your factory operates
  • Dual pressure band time scheduling for operation with different pressure bands, leading to energy savings.

Design for Easy Service

The Allegro 15-25 variable speed screw compressor has been designed for convenience and easy installation. Service is made easier with hinged doors and removable panels. A high variety of configurations and scope of supply make installation easier. The integrated inverter drive in the compressor is easily accessible.

Clean and Fresh Air

Only clean air enters the Allegro 15-25 variable speed screw compressors due to two-micron encapsulated intake filters. Fresh air is taken from the cold side of the compressor to improve efficiency. A separated airflow offers an efficient motor and inverter cooling together with a long lifetime of oil, components, and compressors. A new cubical cooling system improves the electrical device reliability.

Optimise Your Operation

The Allegro 15-25 rotary screw air compressor comes with many options to optimize your operations:

  • An air quality internal water separator reduces up to 90% of the compressed air moisture and is standard on T units.
  • Remove dust down to 0.1 ppm on plus version with a line filter for oil.
  • A heavy-duty air intake filtration prevents dust from entering the pneumatic circuit in very dusty environments.
  • Drain the condensate without losing compressed air with the electronic zero loss drain for the water separator.

Energy Recovery Option

The energy recovery option provides improved efficiency to your compressed air system. The energy recovery option captures excess heat and channels it to other applications. This will result in energy savings and cost cutting. In the optional energy recovery units, the oil-circuit is pre-cooled with an oil/water heat exchanger.

Total Solution Package

Most compressed air installations need more than just the compressor. Along with a compressor, they may also need a refrigerant dryer, a tank and two filters. With our total solution everything is inside the package. You will save money on floor space, installation and pressure drop with the total solution package.

Meeting All Your Requirements

The Allegro 15-25 variable speed screw compressors are the range that meets all your requirements. With this range you receive a solution that is efficient and reliable and fits a wide range of compressed air requirements. We offer a complete solution to your business, beginning with quality products and continuing our partnership with exceptional service.

Technical data

  Min. working pressure Max. working pressure Min. FAD*   Motor power Noise level **
7 Bar 7 Bar 8.5 Bar 9.5 Bar 12.5 Bar
Model Bar/psi Bar/psi m³/h l/s
l/min m³/h l/s
l/min m³/h l/s l/min m³/h l/s l/min m³/h l/s l/min kW hp dB(A)
Allegro 15 5.5/80 13/189 47 13 780 178 49.5 2969 160 44.5 2672 152 42.3 2539 131 36.4 2182 15 20 67
Allegro 19 5.5/80 13/189 47 13 780 215 59.6 3575 197 54.8 3291 185 51.5 3091 149 41.4 2485 18.5 25 68
Allegro 22 5.5/80 13/189 47 13 780 240 66.7 4000 221 61.3 3678 207 57.6 3454 185 51.5 3091 22 30 69
Allegro 25 5.5/80 13/189 47 13 780 255 70.7 4242 238 66.2 3969 229 63.6 3818 200 55.5 3333 26 35 70

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