Allegro 11-22E Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The Allegro 11-22E is part of the ALUP E Series

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ALUP E Series

The ALUP E series ensures industry leading performances in FAD and Specific Energy Requirements

Dedicated Radial Fan

A dedicated radial fan ensures noise levels are low aswell as oil and motor temperatures even in tough conditions

Operates in the Harshest Conditions

The Allegro 11-22E can operate up to 46°C (115°F) of ambient temperature

Allegro 11-22E Variable Speed Screw Compressor

The Allegro 11-22E variable speed screw compressor is a highly efficient machine suitable for a range of industrial applications. The high performing screw compressor meets the compressed air demands of industrial applications such as small industries and many more. As most industrial applications have a fluctuating air demand, the Allegro E series provides the ideal solution.

Providing the Ideal Solution

This is due to the very high Free Air Delivery and competitive turndown of up to 78%. The Allegro E series provides a wide product offer with 4 power sizes and two pressure variants. There are three configurations available; floor mounted, floor mounted plus dryer (plus) and tank mounted (500L) plus dryer (plus).

Variable Speed Technology

Variable speed technology can cut energy bills by up to 35% when used in the right application. The variable frequency drive compressor matches air supply with demand, therefore, reducing energy consumption when the demand is lower. Receive improved efficiency thanks to the new direct driven transmission.

Low Noise Levels

The Allegro 11-22E can be installed inside the factory or workshop without major disturbances to the working environment. This is thanks to the low noise levels ranging from 66 to 69dB(A). The almost silent machine can be installed close to the point of use. This will minimize installation and energy costs spent on covering pressure drops.

Gear Drive Power Train

The gear drive is 3% more efficient than belt drive and there is no need for constant belt tensioning. There will be no long-term losses thanks to the combination of screw compressor technology and gear drive. With up to 30% less thrust load on element bearings, you can expect a longer element lifetime.

Powerful Motor

A new and powerful motor and air end combination provides top performance FAD and Specific Energy Consumption. This results in more air per kW and less energy per m³/h. The IE3 TEFC – IP55 Class F Siemens Motors are from a reputed supplier with worldwide support.

Efficient Cooling

This new Allegro 11-22E variable speed screw compressor series has an integrated turbine cooling fan.

The powerful radial fan guarantees:
Higher cooling air flow compared to traditional axial fans
Lower energy consumption
Better air diffusion
Use of 100% cooling surface
Easy access to the cooler for blowing
Due to its unique design, the entire series can operate with open doors

Efficient Controller

The Air Control 5.1 controller comes standard on the Allegro 11-22E to provide extended control, monitoring and operation possibilities. 

In addition to all the features of the standard controller, the graphic controller offers:
Highly visual graphic interface
32 different languages
Central control possibilities (Master controller)
Up to 6 compressors
Start/stop timers2 progammable pressure bands
Graphic service plan management
Data logging

Energy Recovery Options

The energy recovery option can recover up to 75% of the energy consumed. This option captures excess heat and channels it to other applications allowing you to save energy and cut costs. The energy recovery option integrates a heat exchanger on the oil circuit, which heats up the continuous pressurised water flow. The energy recovery option offers significant reductions in energy costs.

Extra Options

An internal cyclonic water separator with automatic drain removes up to 90% of the moisture. Integrated dryers use low GWP (Global Warming Potential) gases, they are R404 A (11-15kW) and R410 A (18.5-22kW). An oversized dryer is isolated from the hot area of the compressor ensures maximum moisture removal. There is the option of two-line filters (G+C) filter to be integrated in the package.

Easy Service

Consumables are located behind one panel for efficient service. To facilitate any type of service, the front and rear panels are removable. Very large service panels make access fast and easy. These features make service and cleaning a simple, one-person job.

Enjoy the Savings Allegro 11-22E Will Bring You!

With the Allegro 11-22E variable speed screw compressors you will receive energy savings in a very short time. These energy savings will pay back the investment made in our Premium Inverter Driven Compressor and decrease function costs. We are your partners in compressed air and will support you from the very beginning. We offer quality products and exceptional service. 

Technical data





Free Air Delivery @ reference conditions



Noise level


Min. FAD* Max. FAD*
m³/h l/s m³/h l/s m³/h l/s m³/h l/s m³/h l/s m³/h l/s
Model bar 7 bar 5.5 bar 7 bar 8 bar 9.5 bar 12.5 bar kW hp dB(A)
Allegro 11 E 10 44 12.3 138 38.2 135 37.6 120 33.4 107 29.7 n.a. n.a. 11 15 66
13 42 11.7 115 31.9 112 31.2 113 31.5 103 28.6 81 22.6
Allegro 15 E 10 57 15.8 178 49.5 173 48.1 161 44.6 148 41 n.a. n.a. 15 20 67
13 43 12.1 158 43.8 157 43.6 156 43.3 147 40.7 115 32.0
Allegro 19 E 10 57 15.8 219 60.9 220 61.2 204 56.6 188 52.2 n.a. n.a. 18.5 25 68
13 46 12.8 193 53.7 192 53.4 190 52.9 183 50.9 147 40.8
Allegro 22 E 10 57 15.9 263 73 265 73.6 240 66.7 218 60.5 n.a. n.a. 22 30 69
13 51 14.3 229 63.7 227 63.1 227 63 217 60.3 176 49.0
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