How Does a Variable Speed Screw Compressor Work?

Find out how the variable speed screw compressor works

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How a Variable Speed Screw Compressor Works

As we know, a variable speed drive rotary screw compressor incorporates speed drive technology. This variable speed technology controls the speed of the compressor. This will result in many benefits including energy savings. Learn how the variable speed screw compressor works and the variable speed solutions we offer here at ALUP.

How Variable Speed Technology Works

The variable speed drive compressor works by maintaining a constant air pressure. The variable speed compressor will adjust the speed of the motor to meet the air demand of your production. A variable speed compressor can run on 100 percent flow or can fluctuate to less air flow. This will conserve energy and support the compressed air demand needs.

Variable Speed Inverter

An inverter in the variable speed screw compressor speeds up or slows down the motor in the compressor. The inverter is different from a traditional AC compressor. This is due to the inverter providing the rotary screw air compressor with a specific voltage to save energy.  Acceleration and deceleration levels are controlled by a start/stop operation in the variable speed drive screw compressor.

ALUP Variable Speed Solutions

Our range of variable speed screw compressors are energy efficient and reliable. They continue to provide high quality compressed air to a wide range of industrial applications. We offer highly efficient complete solutions from innovative products to exceptional service. We are your partners in compressed air and will continue to provide compressed air solutions to your business. 

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