What are the Benefits of a Variable Speed Screw Compressor?

Find out the benefits of a variable speed screw compressor to your production

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The Benefits of a Variable Speed Screw Compressor

A variable speed rotary screw compressor has become an increasingly popular choice when users want a reduction in energy costs. A variable speed rotary screw air compressor provides significant advantages to a production. This is due to the variable speed drive adjusting the amount of power to the demand in real time. Read on to find out more about the advantages.

Energy Savings

The energy savings is the biggest benefit of using a variable speed type of compressor. A fixed speed compressor will use the amount of power it would take to meet the maximum compressed air demand. However, a variable speed screw compressor will lower the RPM when the compressed air demand is lower. The reduced energy will result in energy savings in the total cost of ownership each year.

Start/stop Even Under Full System Pressure

The starting currents of the motors in variable speed drive compressor are lower, this eliminates the large spikes in demand. The inrush current that could lead to the windings overheating is prevented thanks to the variable speed drive. During the operation of production, the variable speed can soft start/stop even under full system pressure. This will save time and energy to your production.

Longer Lifetime of Machine

The motor speed and the compressor performance are optimised by the variable speed drive. This results in a longer lifetime of components and minimise downtime. When the variable speed air compressor is running at a lower RPM, the compressor is quieter than a fixed speed.

Minimised System Leakages

Variable speed compressors provide more consistent pressure as they don’t operate on pressure bands. Some of the variable speed screw compressors will maintain a discharge pressure within +/- 100 mbarg of the set pressure. System leakages are minimised thanks to a lower system pressure.

Complete Variable Speed Solutions

A variable speed screw compressor can save you considerable amounts of energy thanks to only running when required. We have a range of energy efficient variable speed screw compressors to ensure you can receive these benefits. We offer the complete solutions to your business, from highly efficient products to exceptional service. We are your partners in compressed air.

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