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What is a Variable Speed Screw Compressor?

Rotary screw air compressors are available in both fixed speed and variable speed. A variable speed screw compressor incorporates variable speed drive technology. A special drive in this type of compressor controls the speed (RPM) of the compressor. Learn more about variable speed technology and the variable speed solutions here at ALUP.

Variation of Motor Speed

The speed of the motor in a variable speed drive rotary compressor varies to ensure the air flow rate matches the compressed air demand. This provides many savings on energy costs compared to a fixed speed compressor. The fixed speed screw compressor or “idling compressor” is either going or it is not. When the fixed speed screw compressor is on, it continues to operate at the same speed.

Providing Energy Efficiency

When the air demand is low, the motor in the variable speed drive rotary screw compressor will run at a reduced speed. This will result in less energy being used to operate. The frequency of the variable speed compressor motor will be automatically increased when higher demand for compressed air is needed.

Cost-Effective Option

The variable speed drive compressor provides a cost-effective way to maximise efficiency and reduce the overall operating costs. A variable speed compressor, when applied properly, will save you energy and may even help better control system pressure. The variable speed is most effective in compressed air systems with constant flows and a small number of operating air compressors.

Variable Speed Solutions Available

A variable speed compressor essentially speeds up or slows down depending on the specific compressed air needs to prevent wasting energy. We have a range of highly efficient variable speed screw compressors for your specific compressor needs. We are your partners in compressed air and offer your business complete solutions. We have innovative products and service options available.

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