Largo 11-22E Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

ALUP E Series: Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

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Peace of Mind

Ensure complete peace of mind with the Largo 11-22E series as the electrical package is protected against dust and water splashes

Variety of Configurations

There are a number of configurations available including floor mounted, floor mounted plus dryer (plus) and tank mounted (500L) plus dryer (plus)

Efficient Motor

The IE3 TEFC - IP55 Siemens Carefree Motors are used in the Largo 11-22E Series

The Efficient Largo E Fixed Speed Screw Compressor Series

The Largo 11-22E is an efficient fixed speed screw compressor that provides high performance to your production. The Largo E meets the compressed air demands in a wide range of industrial applications. This range ensures industry leading performances in air delivery and energy efficiency. We ensure our customers receive unrivalled energy savings for their operations.

The ALUP E Series

The Largo 11-22E fixed speed screw compressors are part of the ALUP E series. The ALUP E series incorporates the latest technological developments in compressed air. The ALUP E also ensures industry leading performances in Free Air Delivery and specific energy requirements. Lowering your energy consumption not only brings financial savings but is also is a sustainable solution for greenhouse gas emissions.

Top Performance

The Largo 11-22E provides top performance both in terms of Free Air Delivery (FAD) and Specific Energy Requirement (FER). This is thanks to the new and powerful Motor x element. With this element there is more air for the same kW installed and less energy consumption for the same air delivery.

Low Noise Levels

The Largo 11-22E has low noise levels ranging from 66 to 69dB(A). Equipment can be installed almost anywhere in the factory or workshop without any major disturbances to the working environment. The silent compressor can be installed close to the point of use to reduce installation costs and energy costs.

Powerful Cooling

With dedicated radial fans, the Largo 11-22E ensures low noise levels and low oil and motor temperatures. The design of this new Largo E series has an integrated turbine cooling fan for powerful cooling. 

The powerful radial fan guarantees:
Better air diffusion
Use of 100% cooling surface
Easy access to the cooler for blowing
Due to the unique design, the entire series can operate with open doors
Higher cooling flow compared to traditional axial fans
Lower energy consumption

Gear Drive Power Train

Thanks to the combination of screw compressor technology and gear drive, there is no long-term losses. With a gear driven power train, these screw compressors provide up to 30% less thrust load on element bearings. Gear driven power trains are 3% more efficient than belt driven power trains.

Efficient Control

The Air Control 5.0 is an efficient control system and is standard with the Largo 11-22E fixed speed screw compressor. The Air Control 5.0 controller guarantees simple and intuitive day-to-day operation. 

ALUP E-label energysufficient

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Besides monitoring, controlling and protecting the compressor the controller also offers:
Intelligent unload cycle management
Icon based display
Remote start/stop
Compressor status
Automatic restart after power failure temperature readings
Pressure reading and setting
Running hours and loaded hours
Service maintenance warnings
Failure warnings
Online Visualisation (webpage)
Networking possibilities (slave controller)
Integrated dryer control

Energy Efficient Options

Integrated energy efficient dryers use low Global Warming Potential (GWP) gases, the R404 A (11-15kW) and R410 A (18.5-22kW). To ensure maximum moisture removal, an oversized dryer is isolated from the hot area of the compressor. An internal water separator with an automatic drain removes up to 90% of the moisture. Two-line filters (optional G+C filters) can be integrated into the package to ensure clean air.

Easy Access

All consumables of the Largo 11-22E fixed speed screw compressor is located behind one panel for efficient serviceability. The front and rear panels are removable to allow any type of service. Very large service panels make access fast and easy. Servicing and cleaning are very simple and only requires one person.

Energy Recovery Option

The energy recovery option can recover up to 75% of the energy consumed. With this option, excess heat is captured and channeled into other applications to save energy and cut costs. The oil-circuit is pre-cooled with an oil/water heat exchanger in this option. The energy recovery option is a simple mechanical system that requires no maintenance or electricity consumption.

Smiling technician servicing a hot-water heater

Your Partners in Compressed Air

The Largo 11-22E fixed speed screw compressor range provides an innovative machine to fit your production. We are your partners in compressed air here at ALUP. We continue the partnership from the initial compressor purchase and throughout all the service and maintenance your screw compressor may need. We provide a complete solution to your business. 

Technical data

  Max. working pressure Reference working pressure Free Air Delivery @ reference conditions* Motor power Noise level** Weight
FM FM Plus 500L Plus
Model bar bar m³/h
l/s cfm kW hp dB(A) kg
Largo 11 E
7.5 7.0 139 38.6 82 11 15 66 486 580 807
8.5 8.0 116 32.3 68
10 9.5 104 29.0 61
13 12.5 81 22.6 48
Largo 15 E 7.5 7.0 171 47.4 100 15 20 67 494 588 815
8.5 8.0 157 43.6 92
10 9.5 135 37.4 79
13 12.5 115 32.0 68
Largo 19 E
7.5 7.0 206 57.3 121 18.5 25 58 510 625 852
8.5 8.0 195 54.2 115
10 9.5 170 47.2 100
13 12.5 147 40.8 86
Largo 22 E 7.5 7.0 243 67.4 143 22 30 69 525 641 868
8.5 8.0 224 62.1 132
10 9.5 202 56.1 119
13 12.5 176 49.0 104