What are the Benefits of a Screw Air Compressor?

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These are the benefits of a Screw Air Compressor

When it comes to finding an industrial air compressor for your production, there are many types to choose from. We understand it is important to your production to find an air compressor that is efficient, reliable and high quality. A type of compressor that could be suitable for your business is a screw air compressor. We have a range of screw compressors here at ALUP for all your compressed air needs.

Convenient Even at the Harshest of Conditions Screw air compressors are convenient to run as they continuously run air for a required purpose and are also safe to use. Even at extreme weather conditions, a rotary screw air compressor will continue to run. This means that whether there are high temperatures or low conditions, the air compressor can and will run. The continuous duty function of a screw compressor means crucial components of the compressor will not wear out no matter the condition.
Simpler Maintenance Screw air compressors are easier to maintain as some of these machines have up to 70% less parts which can result in lower maintenance costs. Maintenance in screw-based compressors are simple as they feature a rotary-type positive displacement mechanism that uses fewer materials. By keeping up with regular maintenance however, you can keep your compressor running for many years while receiving optimal performance.
Generate Less Heat Compared to Other Air Compressors Screw air compressors are an energy efficient option as they generate less heat compared to normal air compressors. Less heat means less water created during air compression and reduces the water that could get into your compressor, tools and final application. The water will then also be easier to remove, as there is less of it.
Screw Air Compressor Designed to Enhance Benefits To prevent parts from wearing out, screw air compressors have been designed so the compressor oil seals internal rotors. The design of the screw air compressor ensures it will provide efficiency for years to come with no or little capacity reduction. Noise-dampening technology makes the compressor generally quiet despite massive air flows. Quality components in the screw air compressor help to enhance the overall productivity.

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ALUP began in Germany and continues to look after your compressed air needs. We are your partner, offering a complete solution of quality machines and great service options. No matter the application you can rely on our screw air compressors to provide you with high performance. Let us help you find a total solution for your business.

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