Sonetto 3-9: Small Rotary Screw Compressor

An Ode to Small Compressors

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Big Benefits

The Sonetto 3-9 delivers big benefits for growing businesses

Everything You Want In A Small Compressor

The Sonetto 3-9 is efficient, productive, quiet and clean

A Great Starter Compressor

The Sonetto 3-9 range is simple and suitable for a customer's first compressor

The ALUP Sonetto 3-9 - an ode to small compressors

If there is such a thing as poetry in technology, then it can certainly be found in the Sonetto 3-9 range of oil-injected rotary screw compressors. ALUP’s engineers have managed to create a true masterpiece that delivers big benefits in a small package. 

The Sonetto 3-9 has everything you could want in a small compressor. It is efficient (12% less energy), productive (15% more air), quiet (sound emissions as low as 61 dB(A)) and clean. Most of all, however, these ALUP compressors are proof that engineering excellence matters regardless of size: Because a top-quality compressor makes it much easier for you to deliver top-quality work.

Why pick a rotary screw compressor over a piston compressor? Instinctively, first-time compressor buyers or operations that only require a small compressor tend to favor piston compressors because of their lower price tag. However, an investment in the Sonetto 3-9 and its rotary screw technology will quickly pay off in more ways than one. Most importantly, their outstanding efficiency ensures a lower total cost of ownership because the bulk of all expenses related to compressors is their energy consumption. In addition, the Sonetto 3-9 range can operate continuously whereas piston compressors need frequent cool-down periods. That means you can always count on the Sonetto, even as your business grows. The rotary screw compressor also features a much lower operating noise (allowing for comfortable operation close to the point of use) and significantly less oil carry-over to help protect your pneumatic tools and final products.

The Ultimate Versatility

Thanks to its ingenious design, the Sonetto 3-9 range offers operators the utmost flexibility with regard to how, where and when they can use their compressor:

-          It operates reliably in ambient temperatures of 46°C.

-          With sound emissions as low as 61 dB(A), you can set up your Sonetto in more places

-          Because your Sonettto doesn’t need cool-down periods, you can run your it around the clock 

A Great Starter Compressor

Because the Sonetto 3-9 range will often be a customer’s first compressor or it will be operated by inexperienced users, ALUP has made the machines as simple as possible.

-          It’s plug-and-play design means one person can quickly set up and run a Sonetto.

-          The Infologic2 Basic controller makes the range especially easy to operate.

-          Even inexperienced operators can keep their compressor in optimal working order thanks to service indications and visual alerts.

And one more bonus ... Investing in a Sonetto shows that you are looking ahead and planning for the future. That is why ALUP designed it so that these compressors can accommodate the increasing demand of an expanding small business. Because we don’t want to just sell you a compressor now; we want to be your partner in the long term. So get in touch today. Our representatives are always ready to assist you.

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