Adsorption dryers AD

Adsorption dryers reaching dew point levels from -40 up to -70°C are used for removing all humidity contained in compressed air.

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Increase of compressed air quality and productivity

Clean and dry air reduces the risk of corrosion and thus increases the final product quality. Our adsorption dryers will help you with that.

Cost savings

Higher compressed air quality when using adsorption dryers brings longer lifespan of operational processes (machinery, equipment), therefore necessary shutdowns and annual service intervals to ensure optimal operation are reduced.

Quick and easy installation of adsorption dryers

ALUP AD 7 – 1300 adsorption dryers are constructed in such a way that they only need connection to power supply, and inlet and outlet ducts for their operation.

Dew point level control

Dew point level sensor controls regeneration cycles and therefore it reduces costs of adsorption dryer operation.

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