CleanAIR Oil-Free Piston Compressor

High-quality clean air

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High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials within this oil-free compressor range ensure a long operating life with minimal service interventions

Longer Lifetime of Machine

The lifetime of the piston oil-free compressor is extended thanks to the internally coated vessels, which also provides no corrosion within your machine.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy a quiet operation for the standard CleanAIR oil-free units. For an extra silent operation, you can also select an acoustic canopy as an option. CleanAIR oil-free compressors can dry air down to -40°C dew point.

CleanAIR Oil-Free Piston Compressors

CleanAIR oil-free compressors are the piston air compressors we offer to ensure high-quality air. CleanAIR pistons produce air which is at the highest quality. This oil-free compressor will provide a reliable solution when clean air is a must for your production. If you are looking for a piston air compressor with ultimate quality, look no further than CleanAIR

CleanAir Oil-Free Piston Compressor

CleanAir Oil-Free Piston Compressor

Suitable for Many Industries Where Clean Air Is a Must

CleanAIR is suitable for many industries and applications which require hygienic and clean air. These industries or applications include dentists, food and beverage, laboratories, surgeries, food packaging, drink dispensing and various other applications. We can guarantee the CleanAIR oil-free compressors are 100% oil-free, hygienic, dry air. Enjoy air purity and high air quality with the CleanAIR oil-free compressor.

Lower Costs
Lower costs on maintenance as there is no filtration system required in the CleanAIR oil-free compressors. This is because there is no need to remove residual oil throughout your compressed air network. Costs regarding oil waste management are no existence as there is no need for an oil change.

Zero Risk of Contamination
Enjoy 100% oil-free clean air with the CleanAIR oil-free piston compressor. As it is 100% oil-free, there is no rik of oil contamination to the end product. The CleanAIR oil-free piston compressor is suitable for a range of industrial and critical processes where oil-free compressed air is essential. Not looking for a oil-free piston? We also offer oil-free screw compressors and oil-free scroll compressors, our OF oil-free range is also a screw air compressor.

Many Types of Air Compressors Available
If it is not a piston oil-free compressor you are after, we have a wide range of other oil-free air compressors that may be more suitable. We also offer oil-lubricated compressors, piston and screw compressors as well as many other compressed air products. We are your partners in compressed air and provide total business solutions.

  Dental units* Displacement Free Air Delivery @ 5 bar Vessel Max. working pressure Motor power Supply Noise Level Dimensions Weight
Model   l/min l/min L Bar HP
kW  V/Ph/Hz dB(A) mm Kg
CLR 15/25  1-2 240 125 25 1.5 1.1 230/1/50 71 470x430x670 31
CLR 15/25 T  530x470x670 43
CLR 15/50  50 450x470x850 36
CLR 15/50 T  600x470x850 47
CLR 15/30 S  30 64 650x440x760 68
CLR 15/30 S T  730x440x760 75
CLR 20/25  2-3 350 155 25 2.0 1.5 74 470x460x700 36
CLR 20/25 T  550x470x700 50
CLR 20/50  50 450x470x850 40
CLR 20/50 T  600x470x850 54
CLR 20/30 S  30 2.0 1.5 230/1/50 64 650x440x760 72
CLR 20/30 S T  730x440x760 79
CLR 25/50  4-5 480 240 50 2.5 2.0 77 640x470x890 52
CLR 25/50 T  60

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