Running like clockwork for more than 10 years

The PRIM brand has indelibly entered into more than a million hearts of Czech and foreign watchmakers thanks to its timeless design and state-of-the-art technology.

Its history began to form in 1949, when a branch for the production of wristwatches of the Chronotechna company from Liberec was opened in Nove Mesto nad Metují. The factory belonged to 8 countries from all over the world which specialized in series production of wristwatches. Development specialists were able to develop a mechanical machine that was suitable for series production. Thanks to this, Czechoslovakia ceased to be dependent on importing foreign watches. Since 1952, PRIM (today ELTON Watchmaker, a.s.) has been developing and manufacturing wristwatches that are known around the world.
Alup Kompressoren co-operation with ELTON watchmaker, a.s. began to develop more than 10 years ago when the Vario 11 compressor started operating in the factory. Because production itself is almost dependent on compressed air, ELTON decided to buy another compressor. Again they decided for the Alup Kompressoren because they are satisfied with the quality of the service, the long-term reliability of the compressor itself and the user-friendly compressor control unit. At present, they operate the energy-saving Allegro 14 compressor, which acts as the main compressor and Vario, which acts as a backup compressor.