New Sonetto range

The ALUP Sonetto 8-20 series has a new design, both the look as the technical design has been completely revised. The Sonetto series is a modular range and is also available on a vessel and optional with an compressed air dryer. The most striking technical revision are the new Infologic2 controller and the next generation of air ends.

Sonetto range

Infologic2 controller

A big upgrade is the Infologic 2 controller. It is easy to operate and read through the use of icons on the screen. Furthermore the Infologic 2 offers the possibility for external stop/stop operation, verification of pressure and temperature, automatic start after power failure, advanced monitoring for among others maintenance.

Next generation air ends

The next generation of ALUP air ends promises excellent performance, low energy consumption and a long life span. Moreover the capacity is, depending on the model, increased up to 13% compared to the last generation.

Modular build

The Sonetto 8-20 series is build modular and offers customers a compete solution for your compressed air needs. Next to the stand alone model, the compressor is also available on a 270 or 500 liter compressed air vessel and optional with a build on compressed air dryer. This way the customer can have a complete compressed air solution a very small surface. This also limits the possibility of air leakage further in the network. Optional are the build on compressed air line filters to complete the unit and guarantee clean compressed air.

Compact and silent

The Sonetto has a very quiet operation upward of 64 db(A) through the special sound insulation. Because the low sound levels installation close to the workplace is possible. Because all service parts are at the front of the machine, it is possible to place the units against the wall or in a corner. This allows for even more space saving.