Why does a frequency controller save energy?

A variable speed or variable frequency compressor matches air supply with demand. Therefore, the variable speed technology reduces energy consumption compared to a fixed speed equivalent.

Variable speed air compressors are used when compressed air demands varies and there is high occupancy rate of the compressor. When demand is lower, the rotor speed drops therefore using less energy. In compressed air installations with multiple machines variable speed compressors are used to deal with peaks in compressed air demand and to guarantee a fixed set pressure.

How does a variable speed air compressor work?

A variable speed air compressor has similar components as a fixed speed compressor. The main difference is the integrated variable frequency drive. Furthermore, the screw compressor often has a more advanced controller. The variable frequency drive adjusts the motor speed to the effective compressed air demand. This is regulated by a sensor that measures the systems pressure. This sensor communicates the pressure to the controller, that regulated the amount of compressed air the compressor needs to produce, in order to meet the demanded pressure.

Energy savings

Energy savings with IVR compressor

35% energy savings with IVR compressors

A variable speed compressor saves 35% of energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent. Therefore, a variable speed drive will have return of investment within 2 years, based on 4000 running hours per year. ALUP offers IVR Allegro screw compressors and IVR water injected oilfree WISair compressors. Improve your energy efficiency and contact our customer center for the best solution for your compressed air demand.