The AVSD dryer from ALUP

The new AVSD from ALUP does it all: The variable speed drive refrigerant air dryer offers unprecedented energy savings, increases production quality and reliability, benefits the environment and takes up less space than its competitors.

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April 24, 2023

A refrigerant dryer with variable speeds

Refrigerant dryers remove moisture from compressed air, protecting downstream equipment from corrosion and your final products from contamination.

Unfortunately, traditional fixed-speed refrigerant dryers are terribly inefficient. They only operate at one speed—full power. This consumes loads of energy, hurting the environment while making your power bills a frightening experience.

We decided it was time to improve the situation.

ALUP created the AVSD as a variable-speed refrigerant dryer that is environmentally friendly. It improves your production quality and increases reliability without emptying your bank account.

A new gold standard

The AVSD uses variable speed drive (VSD) technology to match its compressor motor speed to the air demand. In other words, it doesn’t go straight to full power as soon as you turn it on. Instead, it looks at how much energy is required at any time and supplies just that amount—without compromising on quality. As a result, you benefit from energy savings of up to 60%.

In fact, the energy costs for a regular refrigerant dryer increase the total cost of ownership, so when you compare costs with the AVSD, the AVSD will not only pay for itself, it will give you a return on your investment in as little as 1.5 years.

Superior production quality and reliability

Wondering about performance? The variable-speed drive has no impact on the quality of your compressed air. It consistently supplies Class 4 purity air—even in temperatures of up to 46°C.

This consistent air purity is a major improvement compared to thermal-mass refrigerant dryers. Why? Thermal-mass dryers run at full speed part of the time—specifically to cool a thermal mass—and then shut off. The cooled thermal mass helps to dry the compressed air, but as that mass warms again, the dew point rises and air quality fluctuates. The fluctuations are of anything up to two purity classes. As such, delivering a consistent Class 4 purity, like the AVSD does, is a huge step forward.

It’s easy being green


  • Helps you cut costs.
  • It improves your production processes.
  • It’s small and won’t take up much space in your compressor room.

But we also want to highlight its environmental friendliness.

At a time when it’s vitally important to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, the AVSD has received a better Total Equivalent Warming Impact score and a smaller carbon footprint than any of its competitors. Install it, meet your climate goals and contribute to a greener society. 

Want to know more? Get in touch with us at ALUP. 

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